Rocketboom Creator Launches Tech Spinoff

Apr 16th, 2009 | By | Category: Internet TV, Video

Rocketboom creator Andrew Baron has launched a spinoff project, Rocketboom Tech:

When we were speaking with Intel about some of their objectives and some of our objectives, we realized that we had a lot in common and decided to launch Rocketboom Tech, with their help.

We set this up in a way where our objective at Rocketboom is met with the extra resources and support to get the show up and running, and both of our objectives are met through a collaboration to get people aware of and interested in new technologies while also learning ourselves from the experience. Intel is creating a massive amount of media already (Intel pressroom is and Intel YouTube is ) so understanding the Rocketboom process is just one of many branches they can add to their growing tree of knowledge.

Rocketboom Tech is sponsored by Intel, which appears to be very light-handed with the branding.

Baron characterizes the relationship as an “example of smart collaboration”:

Intel is not interested in simply sponsoring or running advertisements on Rocketboom. They are exploring new media themselves and with every relationship, appear to be keeping fresh and on top of the pulse of what is going on.

This looks like a great move by Intel. By supporting a clever tech video podcast, they’re getting their brand in front of a lot of people that make decisions about purchasing and using Intel products. And they’re doing it in a very cost-effective way.

If this is the future of advertising, I like it!

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  1. kenekaplan says:

    Hi, James. What a great site. I appreciate your take on the Intel-Rocketboom collaboration.

    I really believe companies are trying to learn how to become better media companies. One way I’ve been advocating — and suggestions from others added up — was to work with some of our favorite video storytellers. After college, I worked at a local TV news stations, so I like news and documentary style. Rocketboom does the new-info style but with their signature twist of wit and Internet savvy. We’re hoping to learn production skills that will improve Intel’s future video storytelling, and I believe Rocketboom is genuinely interested in digging deeper into technology and become techno-savvy. As technology is more pervasive in our lives and we enjoy what it can do for our interests and passion, the more we might want to know about how the technology works. I believe that when you’re more interested, you want to learn more. When you care more for something, what’s “inside” matters. That’s the aim of our efforts. I hope that’s what we accomplish working together with Rocketboom.

    Please let us know what you think as the Rocketboom Tech weekly segment progresses. Cheers!

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