Reinvented Software Releases Updated Feeder App With Podcast Support

Apr 29th, 2009 | By | Category: Podcasting, Podcasting Software

Mac software developers Reinvented Software released an updated version of their RSS editor application Feeder on Tuesday.

Feeder 2.0 is an RSS editor for creating a variety of news feeds, including podcasts. This latest version adds weblog integration, announcements, editing and preview improvements, live validation, Amazon S3 uploading, iTunes U support, and an improved user interface.

Reinvented says that the updated Feeder interface simplifies the user’s work with RSS, with an e-mail-like editor. For media creators who lack experience (or interest) with coding their own HTML, the app includes ready-made templates and previews. For those who like to do their own tinkering, Feeder also offers HTML editing.

For podcasters, Feeder includes full support for the iTunes RSS podcasting extensions, drag-and-drop episode creation, an iTunes Store preview and the ability to tag all popular podcast media files. Feeder can publish feeds and associated files via FTP, SFTP, MobileMe and now, Amazon S3. The app also adds support for iTunes U podcasts.

For podcasters who use Feeder alongside their blog, the new Feeder 2.0 adds blog integration, to post updates when the feed is published. Feeder 2.0 can also automatically announce new content on Twitter and Facebook. This may not be a big deal for people who use podcasting plug-ins for blogging platforms like WordPress, but for those who use a feed editor alongside their blog, this could streamline the process a great deal.

Feeder 2.0 retails for $39, or $14.95 to upgrade from version 1.x. The upgrade is free if you purchased Feeder in the past six months. The app requires Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or later, and is available as a 15-day trial that can be unlocked upon purchase.

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