New Wizzard Alchemy App Tracks Ads Via Streaming or Download

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Podcasting network Wizzard Media announced the release of Alchemy 2.1. The advertising-insert application “seamlessly” integrates advertisements into podcasts playing on the Wizzard Media Flash player, while also maintaining advanced tracking and interactive capabilities.

The updated app eliminates the need for separate systems to run (and track) advertisements in downloaded podcasts versus streaming audio or video podcasts. The same ads play whether the podcast is downloaded in iTunes, played through mobile iTunes on the iPhone, or played online through the Flash-based media player.

“By clicking on the ad while it is run in the Flash player, a consumer is automatically transported to the advertiser’s website,” said Chris Spencer, Wizzard CEO. The company calls this new system the “technical foundation” of its advertising monetization plan for content producers. It is also of benefit to the advertisers themselves.

“Now, ad buyers can make one buy across streaming and downloadable media reaching consumers where they consume entertainment on their computer, on their iPods or on their iPhones,” Spencer added.

An example of an active use of the new flash player system can be found at Alaska HDTV.

Technical information:

The Alchemy 2.1 implementation of the Wizzard Media flash player adheres to the IAB VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) standard that allows for simple plug-n-play for third party advertising system integration. The new system works with AOL’s Platform A and ADTECH, and Wizzard plans to expand the capabilities to include DoubleClick and Atlas in the near future. The measurment of advertisements, consumer click-throughs to advertisers’ web sites and audience feedback responses are all tracked using Nielsen//NetRating.

Alchemy 2.1 supports traditional pre, post and mid-roll, in-stream ad units, and also supports overlay static and animated banners in addition to earlug ad units.

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