Mass Adoption Of Web-To-TV Technology Coming by 2013

May 4th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Story, Internet TV, Video

Young adults have already adopted Web-to-TV video capability, and mass adoption is coming by 2013, according to market research firm In-Stat.

“Once Web-to-TV video becomes simple and convenient, mass consumer adoption will follow quite rapidly,” says Keith Nissen, In-Stat analyst. “Users want a variety of their consumer devices to enable a web-to-TV video experience.”

Highlights of their research:

  • Over 40% of young adult US households view Internet video on the TV at least once per month.
  • Revenue from Web-to-TV streaming services will grow to $2.9 billion in 2013.
  • Within five years, the number of US broadband households viewing Web-to-TV content will grow to 24 million.
  • Already, 29% of US 25 to 34 year olds with game consoles use the devices to watch streaming video off the Internet.
  • In five years, there will be 7.4 million US broadband households that use media center PCs for streaming Web-to-TV content.
  • TV networks and pay TV operators currently view online TV as additive to pay TV services, but Web-to-TV will ultimately force a complete restructuring of today’s video services.
  • Video content will be optimized for broadcast or Web-to-TV based on content type.

Do you think mass adoption of web-to-TV video will happen by 2013? If so, what will it mean for indie video producers?

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  1. arjun says:

    I’m not convinced that they’ll have this worked out in the next four years enough for it go mainstream.

    The technology is close – but there are too many deals to be worked out.

    Do you really want to go to Hulu for ABC content, and then someplace else for NBC and another place for indie videos? And now, you basically need to hook a computer to your TV to be able to see everything.

  2. msbpodcast says:

    This [ ] little tidbit of news tells me that podcasts which measure delivery from point to point, as evidenced by audit-able server logs, are one step further ahead than the massaged BS that the big media companies try to get by on.

    Specially when the massager-in-chief, Nielsen Media Research, has been having problems with its servers and cant get the numbers out.

    Who knows where the problem lies? Nobody seems to.

    Who cares? Old media companies who can’t pass gas without checking the ratings of one show against another.

    Competition for the airwaves is sooo twentieth-century… Sooo 1:N.

    I know that my downloads are at 133,231, who got them, and why (because they asked for them.)

    What anybody else did is their business.

    The internet lets us look at communications as N:M.

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