The iTie Stays In Perfect Position….And Features A Concealed Pocket!!!!

May 4th, 2009 | By | Category: iPod Accessories

Yep – the iTie is the only necktie in the world that stays in perfect position….and features a concealed pocket!!!!

And this is is the only ad that purports to give a tie two (2) thumbs up…..and then gives it four (4) thumbs up!

Talk about underpromising and overdelivering! That’s twice as many thumbs up as you expected!!!!

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  1. msbpodcast says:

    Okay, how much did they pay you for putting up this Video? (Whatever it was, it was too much.) Man, I haven’t even cut my hair on well over a year and I definitely haven’t worn a tie since 1995. Its called “business casual.”

    BUT one the other hand, it shows EXACTLY the kind of marketplace the world is becoming.

    The “Agora”, a phrase I use to distinguish it from the mere marketplace, is much more efficient when you can chop it up by topology, instead of by the current paradigm, viz. by topography.

    ONLY interested people will go to their site and stream (or download,) the commercial.

    The phrase “Only interested people” also implies complete efficiency of the “Agora”, something which is not available in any broadcast media.

    Think of it…

    This is a really niche market: males who need to wear ties as part of doing their jobs.

    That’s 50% of the population (males), further reduced by ~70or80% (who need to wear ties), 35% of the time (doing their jobs.)

    How else are they supposed to reach their market?

    Cable? Newspapers? Magazines? (This last one is currently still an option.)

    But the ROI per advertising dollar is still way too low.

    You have just told me that even these guys GET it.

    What else do you see as another source of ad $ drying up? 🙂

    If I need a tie … nah, I’ll quit first.

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