MobaTalk Service Adds Context to Microblogging

May 7th, 2009 | By | Category: Microblogging

Developer Michael Bailey has launched a new microblogging media-sharing site, MobaTalk.

The site is an online service built for sharing more detailed information in a “micro” format, preserving what Bailey, creator of the  MyChingo Audio Comment System, calls “the contextual association” of the content.

MobaTalk accommodates submissions of short video (under 2 min), or audio files, images, links, embedded media or text (up to 500 characters). Users of the site choose a hash-tagged category from a master list of topics, or create their own. The hashtag then is attached to the user’s post, and appears in the person’s Twitter stream or on Facebook.

MobaTalk’s ability to accommodate longer text posts, and posts of other media, is exciting. While Twitter is a great way to share information, the microblogging service has limitations that make communicating the full idea and its context. This may be a good solution for adding depth to the medium.

I took a cursory look around the site, and found that there wasn’t a #podcasting hashtag yet. I easily created one, and typed a (>140 character) post about it, which looked like the picture, right.

That post then appeared in my Twitter-stream, looking like this:

The MobaTalk Conversation Studio is available for use by anyone who has an account with; no registration is required.

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  1. Just stopped by to say that things have already changed a bit. MobaTalk CS 2.0 is now live and after feedback from the Beta testers, it seems that nobody really “got” the concept of categorizing things prior to entering them.

    As a result, the hashtag system has been removed, and now it’s pretty much like a multimedia version of Twitter.

    Version 2.1 will have private p to p messaging, and version 2.2 will have the ability to receive mp4 video messages to your cell phone (now’s the time to upgrade your phone if it doesn’t play mp4 video).

  2. Fred says:

    Hi Michael, what happened to MobaTalk? Your websites http://www.mobatalk and are “parked”. The idea of MobaTalk seemed to have to much potential. I’ve read a lot of positive comments. Anything went wrong? Or could you sell the service to Twitter?

  3. Michael Bailey says:

    Hi Fred – I went bankrupt while chasing my dream.


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