Video Search EveryZing Nabs $8.25 M Funding, Inks NBCU Deal

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Remember PodZinger? They were an early entrant into the “make money with podcasting” scene, with a “speech-to-text” technology (developed by BBN Technologies in about 2006). The idea was to convert, without an expensive (human) transcription service, a podcast audio file into a text file — which, in turn, would help search engines to find the subject and content of your podcast.

On Monday, the company announced a third round of VC funding, this batch being $8.25 million, of which $3 million comes from NBC Universal. Paid, via the Washington Post, tallies the total amount of money raised to date by PodZinger — rechristened EveryZing in 2007 — at “about $22 million.” (Wow.)

Originally launched as a help to pair relevant advertising with related podcasts, EveryZing creates rich metadata across all kinds of media — text, images, audio, and video content. It automatically tags all content, and indexes it for use with its own white-label search products, to optimize results on online search. As EveryZing, the company specializes in “video discovery and engagement for premium content.

While the funding round is notable in itself, of greater interest is the involvement of NBC Universal in the deal. The Post says that NBCU, the online branch of television network NBC, “has been building up its own video offerings separate from its involvement with Hulu,” and is building out that capability by forging “closer ties” with EveryZing, who specialize in optimizing video search.

According to the company’s announcement, EveryZing will power video search and automated publishing applications for several NBCU business units, starting with CNBC, NBC Digital Networks, and NBC Global Networks. EveryZing’s technology will allow NBCU’s digital properties to expand faster, add more content, and reach greater audiences.

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