DailyMotion Chooses ‘The Cabonauts’ As First US Commission

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Video hosting service DailyMotion has selected a new science fiction web series, The Cabonauts, as its first-ever US video commision. “The Cabonauts” is set in the year 2183, when “humans have finally conquered the stars,” but still need a cab to get from one spot to another. Cabonauts, Inc., is that intergalactic cab company.

An intergalactic cab company where the cabbies sing and dance, mind you, and the passengers look suspiciously like iconic stars of favorite sci-fi tv shows and movies. The show’s website describes it this way: “Think Hitchhiker’s Guide meets Flight of the Conchords, and you’re halfway there.”

The Cabonauts is the brainchild of Hayden Black, whose name may sound familiar to you, since he is also the creator of (and an actor in) the web series “Goodnight Burbank, and “Abigail’s Teen Diary.” I asked him to share more details about the new show, and about what it’s like to be commissioned by a big video portal:

Hayden Black: They took over 100 pitches before they went with us – so I’m very proud! DailyMotion is really invested in becoming a huge video destination website here in the US (from a global perspective, they already get over 55 million uniques a month) and to that end, they’ve brought in an ad sales team on both coasts, so it’s only going to help make the show a massive hit.

We’re also bringing in all sorts of sci-fi celebrities to play passengers – and one in particular who’ll play the co-starring, recurring role of the CEO of the Cabonauts company. This person is such a massive name in sci-fi that I was over the moon – no pun intended – when they said they’d come on board. We’ll reveal who that person is as well as the other names later this year…!

Elisabeth McLaury Lewin: When exactly will The Cabonauts debut on DailyMotion?

Hayden Black: Later this year – probably 3rd Quarter.

Elisabeth McLaury Lewin: How often do new episodes come out, and how many episodes will be in the first season?

Hayden Black: Fifteen episodes. How often they get published, that’s yet to be determined; but it would be great to have one released every week or two.

Elisabeth McLaury Lewin: What do you think swayed Daily Motion to choose you from among so many proposals? The Cabonauts must have had a special something to stand out in the crowd. What do you think that special ingredient is?

Hayden Black: I actually have the answer to that! Joy Marcus was going through tons of proposals and asked her friend who worked in development what she thought a good criteria for picking a comedy pitch was. The friend said, “Has anything made you laugh?” And our pitch was the only one that had made her laugh out loud.

Elisabeth McLaury Lewin: How do you manage to produce (and act in) several web series all at the same time? Seems like that would be crazy scheduling.

Hayden Black: It is. Which is why we’re crossing over from doing all shows, all the time, to [working in] seasons. We just finished shooting a brand new 20 episode season of Goodnight Burbank’s that you can see at Babelgum, and Abigail will be back shortly, too.

Elisabeth McLaury Lewin: Anything else you want to be sure that I mention?

Hayden Black: Just how happy I am to be working with Daily Motion and their first ever original commission – and how great I hope The Cabonauts will be! My fingers are tightly crossed.

Black also shared that a full-on production blog is being launched later this week, which will include behind the scenes videos of set design, interviews with the cast, and regular updates. You can also follow The Cabonauts on Twitter, and all of Black’s projects at Evil Global Corp. as well.

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