Uber Geeks Watch Twice As Much Internet TV

May 30th, 2009 | By | Category: Internet TV, Video

Do you watch a lot of Internet video?

If so, you may be an “Extreme Techie”.

According to the Nielsen Company, “Extreme Techies” stream significantly more online video content, watching about twice as much Internet video as average. These uber geeks watch up to 91 minutes (1.5 hours) per week, compared to the mean of 44 minutes for all broadband viewers.

Extreme techies make up about eight percent of the total adult 18 and older broadband population. Of this group, 38% connect their computers to their televisions.

Are You An “Extreme Techie”?

Here’s how you can tell if you’re one of Nielsen’s Extreme Techies:

  • 63% are male, with a mean age of 31 and an average annual income of $67,000.
  • 47% are married and 57% have children in the home under the age of 18.
  • 74% report accessing video content over their computers using the Internet.
  • 64% (vs. 30% for the total sample) say that watching TV shows online adds to their regular TV viewing.
  • 60% (vs. 33% total sample) report they typically know what they want to watch online before they sit down at their computer.
  • 55% (vs. 23% total sample) report they have found shows online and watched them on TV.
  • Highest ownership of cross-platform devices used to view TV or movie content, with an average of slightly over four devices (compared to average of two for the total sample).
  • Highest viewership on devices such as console gaming systems (46%), cell phones (33%), and set top media boxes (17%).
  • 26% report planning to add to their television service (e.g. additional channels or services) in the next six months.
  • They see themselves as ambitious, adventurous, tech-savvy and spontaneous.

This sounds suspiciously familiar to me. Do you fit the profile?

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