Nice Work If You Can Get It: Rocketboom Looking For Anchors

Jun 3rd, 2009 | By | Category: Video, Video Podcasts

Rocketboom, a long-running daily video podcast, is looking for new talent to anchor the New York-based program, and its new West Coast desk. Rocketboom creator Andrew Baron posted the two job openings today on Internet classifieds site Craigslist under “tv video radio jobs.”

Responsibilities for the anchor jobs include “both appearing on camera and contributing behind the scenes to Rocketboom, as well as contributing to our other shows,” which include Know Your Meme, and their Human Wire international field reports.

The New York anchor will work with our writers and producers in Rocketboom’s Manhattan Soho studio. The Los Angeles anchor will work from the show’s new Venice Beach studio in collaboration with the producer of Epic Fu.

While I imagine that Rocketboom’s previous anchors, Amanda Congdon and Joanne Colan, worked really hard at the anchor job, it sounds like a real plum of a position. Base salary is $80,000 per year, a $10k chunk up front, upon signing, and the promise of another 3 percent bonus on the show’s advertising revenue. All this for just 25-30 hours’ work per week, and the promise of company support for the anchor’s work on side gigs and “projects outside of Rocketboom.”


“Where can I apply?,” you ask. Applicants can submit a photo, resume and any video links they may have to demonstrate their previous work to: .

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  1. Steve Mullen says:

    Sadly, $80K doesn’t go far in New York City. That said, I’d definitely look into this if I lived in that area 🙂

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