Robot Podcast Details Robot Play With Robot Actors

Jun 3rd, 2009 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcast Quickies

Folks who were old enough to watch television in the early 1970s will remember a Reese’s Peaut Butter Cup commercial about “two great tastes, that taste great together”? I was reminded of this today when I discovered a podcast episodes that combines two great topics, robots and stage drama, that seem awfully weird together — but are surprisingly tasty nonetheless when combined.

Robots, the podcast for news and views on robotics, features in its latest episode a look at a new play called, surprisingly, “Robots.” The play, by Swiss theatre director Christian Denisart, is unique, in that 3 of the 5 main characters are mobile robots which were built by robotics company Bluebotics.

The plot is about a man “so scared of human contact that he surrounds himself with robots, including Igor, a metallic butler, Bruno, a state-of-the art robotic dog, and Leila, a robotic recreation of a dancer.” The podcast features interviews with Denisart and Nicola Tomatis of Bluebotics.

Listeners can subscribe to the Robots podcast at this link, or find the single episode about the “Robots” play here.

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