Blog Talk Radio Launches New ‘Premium’ Services

Jun 4th, 2009 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcasting, Podcasting Networks, Podcasting Services

“Social radio network” BlogTalk Radio today announced the launch of two new “premium service packages.” The podcast production and distribution platform is offering enhanced services to talk show hosts (that is, podcasters), whose production needs have outgrown the podcast production and distribution platform’s more basic offerings.

The premium and premium plus service packages have monthly costs of $39.95 and $99.95 respectively, and include the following features:

Premium service package:

  • Switchboard Moderation: The Switchboard Moderation feature brings callers into a “private room” to pre-screen the call from the show’s switchboard. Add caller notes for the host/facilitator to decide whether or not to bring the caller on air.
  • Switchboard Outdial: The Switchboard Outdial feature allows free outbound calls to U.S. numbers and fee-based calls for International numbers, to bring guests on air by simply dialing their number from the show’s switchboard.
  • Edit and Replace Episodes: Edit archived podcast episodes using your own audio editing software, then upload to replace the original (unedited) version.
  • Click to Host: Host a show without a telephone. Use BlogTalkRadio’s internal VOIP system, to host a show with a headset from the computer.
  • Upload Podcasts as Episodes: Upload pre-recorded podcasts right to the Show Page without having to schedule an episode recording session.
  • Extended show length: Premium hosts, can schedule shows of up to 3-hours in duration.

Premium Plus service will include these additional benefits:

Limited advertisements: Show and indiviual episode pages will be free of audio and video ads and will only include banner ads.

Priority Support: The Support Desk is open from 9am EST-11pm EST to assist Premium Plus Hosts “for the quickest resolution” of any questions. Basic (non-paying) podcast hosts will still be accorded the same service including chat rooms, switchboards and top-notch customer support.

More information about the new service packages is available at the Blog Talk Radio site.

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