Trent Reznor Gives Up On Twitter, Blames It On “Unattractive Plump Females”

Jun 11th, 2009 | By | Category: Commentary, General, Microblogging

Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor has been doing some amazing things over the last few years, experimenting with new media and doing more than any other major musician to forge a new model for using the Internet to interact directly with his fans.

Here’s a few examples:

  • Reznor has released several albums as free downloads, using a Creative Commons license.
  • Reznor’s Nine Inch Nails site offers a variety of free NIN podcasts
  • He’s reinvented the concert video, filming shows with cheap HD cameras and uploading the footage YouTube
  • He’s embraced Twitter, quickly amassing over six hundred thousand followers.

Now, though, Reznor says he’s giving up on social networks because of a seemingly endless stream of negativity from anonymous members:

I will be tuning out of the social networking sites, because at the end of the day it’s now doing more harm than good in the bigger picture and the experiment seems to have yielded a result.

Idiots rule.

By closing the door on Twitter and social networks, Reznor’s cutting off a direct channel to hundreds of thousands of Nine Inch Nails fans.

And, in a move that he may regret, he blames his decision on “unattractive plump females who publicly fantasize about having sex with guys in bands” and then goes on to explain how they can best slit their wrists.

Reznor’s Twitter experiment has crashed and burned.

Do you think having 600,000 followers is inherently unmanageable? Or could Reznor do something different on Twitter to maintain a direct relationship with his fans but avoid the trolls?

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59 Responses to “Trent Reznor Gives Up On Twitter, Blames It On “Unattractive Plump Females””

  1. Demetria Dixon says:

    He could endeavor to not be a complete horses ass. It may be too late. He’s under no obligation to have any of the sex that is being fantasized about. Is his ego so incredibly fragile that he’s unaware that he is aging and eventually he may have some pudge of his own. I say Trent get over yourself and be good to your fans. You don’t have schtupp everyone who finds you sexy. Leave them to there own machinations.

    • michael trent says:

      I am sorry i am sure you are a fat woman yourself but i am sure if trent has an ego he will keep working out like has been doing so where is this pudge coming oin…u are just trying to make urself feel better by stating how u feel because u were one of those women

  2. keyofgrey says:

    Wow…I think that’s a bad movie on Trent Reznor’s part. It’s the internet…there are always those that are out there hiding behind their monitors saying whatever they want. With so much success with social media, he would be foolish to abandon it. I’m sure that his community of fans would be quick to jump on trolls as is, and besides, if you ignore them, they usually go somewhere else to cause trouble.

    Honestly though, I think that he’s just venting off some steam. There’s no way he would leave it all behind.

  3. zuzz says:

    The fat goths part is very lol.

  4. travis says:

    sorry Trent, but those plump wrist-cutting females are pretty much your fan base. they love that kind of absue tho, so he’s just giving them what they want

  5. Hott says:

    He’s referring to the cock rock groupies at Metal Sludge.

  6. “BIO: Nine Inch Nails. This profile is now one-way, NIN-related only, No @replies read until Twitter improves blocking.”

    that’s a legit beef IMO

  7. James Lewin says:

    Travis – good point!

    Reznor’s experience highlights one of the fascinating things about Twitter – how your experience with it will be unique based on how you use it.

    It seems like Reznor was trying to dive in and interact with his fans on Twitter. That doesn’t seem doable, though, when you’ve got that number of followers.

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  9. Gene says:

    I am a huge fan, but he has been treating his fan like crap.
    If it was not for his fans he would not have been able to help #eric.
    His fans have given him everything he has. He has forgoten that.
    No he owns us nothing. He needs to take a look how things when wrong.
    He being open about being in love did not help because the girl he is with is also rude.
    Fat jokes are not funny or kind. Sheseeking attention for herself made this even more ugly.
    I wish they the best, but the damage it done. sorry but true.

    • John says:

      Go watch “wish” video – and imagine the dome keeping all of the fat girls out. Case in point – nothing in this world is more frightening than 600,000 Nine Inch Nails fans, and Trent knows that. Is he upset that girls called him hot? I never got upset with his 20 years of blasphemies, profane and visually disturbing material – I idolized him for saying whatever he wanted, then in the end he throws a tantrum when HIS FANS are doing what he showed them to do – He truly is genius. I love it. He is somewhere right now eating tofu laughing at all of us – because he still has our attention. Greatness…

  10. Jennifer Cloutier says:

    I have to say that I am a huge NIN fan, or a tleast I was up until a few weeks ago. My opinion of Trent has drastically changed since his last twitter post. I have been a fan for the past 17 years through high school, college and beyond. I have seen NIN in concert over 30 times in atleast four states.

    I had the greatest opportunity any true fan has, to meet the man. I donated to the heart transplant fund and felt good about what I was contributing too. I am a Registered Nurse and felt that the band I cherished was doing something so wonderful. I had the opportunity to meet Trent, and he was too busy checking his phone every minute or so to actually pay real attention to the fans who had spend so much to meet/greet him. I felt really let down because we were herded in like a group of cattle, and then basically ignored while he twitted or texted on his phone.

    Well…I am no longer the thin high schooler I was, and most people know what having a kid can do to a woman’s body. I am an overweight young thirtyish female. To read his last twitter post only days after I had meet him, really hit home. I took the insult personally and actually wondered for a minute if he thought I was desperate, fat and disgusting when I met him. Needless to say, that put the cork in the bottle.

    We all can not be the perfect hour glass shaped female that poses nude in a men’s magazine. Not all of us can be in a band, be musically gifted and be as openly sexual and vulgar as your fiancee can be. I am sorry that I am the way I am, and I am sorry Mr. Trent Reznor if I insulted or disgusted you in any way, shape or form.

    If you could post your address, I would be more than happy to mail you back your CDs, DVDs, concert tshirts and other NIN merchandise I have acquired over the year that has paid for your empire of dirt.

    Sincerely a truely disappointed fan,
    Jen Cloutier

  11. Beans says:

    To the person who wrote the above post, Jennifer:

    My heart broke when I read your post. Mr. Reznor should be so lucky to have someone who is so appreciative of and dedicated to his music as you. I speculate that Mr. Reznor is not in the most healthy state of mind at present, which does not serve as justification or excuse for his abominable behavior in recent weeks. Besides, he is certainly not one to talk and should probably turn the light on when he next looks in the mirror. Do not let his ignorant remarks ruffle your beautiful feathers. Hourglass figure or not, you are precious as a fan and, more importantly, a human being. Hopefully, Mr. Reznor will wake from his self-generated nightmare and learn the graceful art of humility. Let’s have faith he will.


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  13. Helmet Head says:

    Jennifer of comment #10,

    I love what you wrote. I’m sure someone somewhere has his address. Imagine what kind of a statement it would be if all the pissed off fans actually did send back all the NIN stuff they bought. You could start a revolution my darling.

    Wishing you the best,
    Helmet Head

  14. arjun says:

    Jennifer – You can just send all your NIN stuff to me!

    Give Reznor some credit though, for knowing when to disconnect. He’s obviously getting stalked by some freaks. That would weird anybody out.

    He could have expressed himself a lot better – but he wasn’t ranting about fans like you, he was reacting to some deranged people.

    Once the dust settles, Reznor will probably figure out a way to make Twitter and other social media sites work for him.

    • John says:

      Poor little Trent being internet stalked? Are you serious? Do we all forget the persona that he has led us into for twenty five years and now excuse his remarks because he is too fragile to handle over- weight goth chicks? NOONE Has been a bigger NIN fan than I – I have had the pleasure (or displeasure) of hanging with him on several occasions over the years, many concerts, was even featured in one of his performances, and he didnt mind the attention then. POOR LITTLE PIGGY, I find it ironic and laughable. Trent just mocked HALF the people that loved him, and now the other half is taking up for him, cant you see – he could care less?.

  15. A fan OF Jennifer says:

    You will find his address here. Send him a copy of ur comment so he knows y he’s gettn all ur stuff back

    Good for u! good luck!

  16. Bob Loblaw says:

    Having read countless comments on youtube and in message boards on a variety of subjects, I think I can agree with the sentiment. I recently had the misfortune of reading comments on a youtubed music video and it was comprised of almost nothing but wannabe groupies talking about how hot the singer was, with barely a single mention of the music. Musicians should be admired for their music, not their looks.

    You can’t say he’s “treating his fans like crap” when he’s released his last two albums completely for free. The sad truth is that internet free speech is a shit spigot with a broken valve, and he made a bad decision by trying to take a drink. I can barely deal with the idiots the average small message board attracts, I can’t imagine how many idiots he came into contact with through twitter.

    If you want to destroy your faith in humanity, just find any youtube video with more than 50 comments are start reading them. Then you’ll probably have an idea of why he got pissed off.

  17. arjun says:

    “You can’t say he’s “treating his fans like crap” when he’s released his last two albums completely for free. ”

    So true!

  18. Jennifer Cloutier says:

    This is Jennifer again, the girl that posted # 10

    Just to clarify. I never stated Trent was treating his fans like crap. Honestly, I think in general he has made the most effort to take his fans in to consideration, has offered his fans more than any other artist. He has made extreme efforts to connect with this fans with his website. There are very few venues such as that fans can spend hours browsing and networking with other fans.

    I am honestly just upset that Trent would specifically target the overweight female section of his fans. I understand he was focusing on a specific group of unpleasant plump unattractive females. I think he should’ve left the overweight description out because it does put unpleasant thoughts in my mind about my own weight.

    Being as famous and as influential as he is, makes living a normal life hard. It also leaves you open to speculation from both females who idolize you, build you up to be the man of their dreams, the person they fantasize about and wish they could be with, but also to those who will hate you because you are famous, you don’t share their exact thought process, or those who just want to be antagonistic assholes.

    Trent, if you ever read this, I can understand you frustration and anger with the sludge found on the internet, but please retaliate with thought and grace in your words. You are an intelligent and well spoken and only lessen your worth when you revert their foulness.

    My wounded pride will heal. I will not give up my faith in mankind, and I will continue to rock to NIN.

    Jen Cloutier

  19. says:

    …he’s fat so who cares what he says. Black is usually slimming, but not in this case.

  20. Stephanie M. says:

    What a hypocrite he turned out to be. For years he has been accusing everyone else of being shallow, then he has the nerve to make a comment like this. Given that his “fiancee” is a shallow, vapid, drug using whore who posted pictures of herself giving someone a b—job on the web, he has no right to point fingers at anyone. His recent, insane rantings about people being jealous because he and Man-i-queen are an “unstoppable force of greatness” borders on delusional.

  21. jennifer cloutier says:

    what I don’t understand is why he is putting his sobriety on the line. He states he has been drug free for eight years on June 11th. But yet he is marrying a women who openly drinks, smokes and does other drugs. Is she going to love him enough to stop? Or is he going to backslide and put his health at risk? It will be interesting to watch.


  22. Tim Barton says:

    Trent Reznor and his financee are hate mongers. Trent certainly doesn’t come off in great light here. All they care about doing is putting down others, attacking people, name calling, banning, deleting posts, and go out of their way, to get rid of anyone who disagrees with Reznor. The anger and resentment shouted out on his fans and other musicians is gross. I find it very telling that Trent attacks females almost exclusively. They both need to get lost and fade into obscurity, the sooner the better. Trent’s twitters are either very angry and he breathes out fire, or extremely elated. Not balanced at all. He silences the fans that disagree. He has no one to blame but yourself Mr. Trent.

  23. andy mason says:

    Irony at it’s finest. You’re a laughing stock, Trent. Really, you should just give up now. All this crap, saying idiotic things JUST TO STAY RELEVANT! He is not that important on Twitter. He loves the attention too much. Instead of threatening to leave the internet and go in the “real world”, just do it already. Leave people alone. So hypercritical. He wants people to cry for him, protect him, save him etc. Jesus Christ, Trent you are old enough to take care of yourself. Just get off the internet and take your she-male with you. Her 15 mins of fame is done and you are close behind. I’m not a fan, have never been in front at one of your shows, and I don’t want your sorry ass, so get over yourself, ok. Respect is earned Trent.

  24. RRJ says:

    Isn’t Reznor like 50 yrs old? He tweeted about being in love and sex like he’s never had any before. Dude, I saw a pic of your girlfriend, and I think I’ve done her. It was EASY so I don’t know what you are going on and on about. About the cutter remarks, that’s sick. You know those cutters are already sick in the head, don’t push them over the edge. Their parent will be coming after you.

  25. forumgoer says:

    Well, I hate to play devil’s advocate, but he is sort of right.

    It’s getting harder to filter the idiots/trolls/flamebait/hate-speech out of what would otherwise be a thriving net-community.

    If you guys feel so offended by his comment, just imagine how this celebrity feels when his public & private life is bashed on by random strangers 365 days + 24/7.

    Get a grip, he’s entitled to his opinion.

  26. Nick Becks says:

    It’s funny hearing an irrelevant “artist” like Trent Reznor bash the Internet and his fanbase. He still seems very angry. He’s a shit talker. Trent spits out music on his little computers that sounds awful. I wasn’t even aware Trent was still alive, let alone made cds. until he started acting like a pussy victim yelling at people he doesn’t even know. Now, he has to give his music away for free and beg people to come to his concerts, using Twitter all day long. Can you spell “loser”? Trent is and always has been irrelevant, a minor blip in rock history. Now, he’s pissed off his fanbase. “Bow down before the one you serve/You’re gonna get what you deserve, loser.”

  27. joe chapman says:

    From my understanding, it is not right nor legal for someone (a celebrity especially) to post comments such as HOW to kill yourself. The media tried pinning shit on Manson after Columbine, yet Manson didn’t go online and tell people how to do it. The anger and resentment shouted out on his fans is terrible. This a reckless act. Reznor has promoted free speech, yet he silences the fans that disagree… What a hypocrite.

  28. Shaun says:

    Hey, if you go to his actual post on the forum you’ll realize that this site has taken what he’s said out of context. He later stated that he meant no offence to those that view themselves as ‘plump’ but that he was specifically targetting those really bitter people that frequent ‘Metal Sludge.’ If you’ve no idea what Metal Sludge is then your likely to be confused by his comment, but I kinda agree with him here. That place is filled with the scum of the Earth. Considering he’s been receiving up to 100 messages a day from such people wishing he’d continued in his drug-addled state and died; he has every right to lash out.

  29. JLC says:

    Trent – what? You’re repulsed by women on Metal Sludge reporting their real and fake stories about people *they* had sex with? Why all the anger,dude, against women you don’t know or can’t see and aren’t talking to you anyway….oh wait…that’s it, isn’t it? They ARE talking about you, aren’t they? If it’s all lies, why do you care? So maybe they’re not all lies, and maybe that’s why you’re taking such trouble to draw our attention to it and demonize the women doing it.

    Actually this article does NOT take Reznor’s post out of context. I read Reznor’s post and this article forgot to mention the instructions on how to commit suicide. I was shocked when I read his post since it’s so delusional. He is not well known and his post makes him as others have already said, sound like a petty, embittered, hectoring old man. He has never had nothing good to say about any other musician, and no other musician had anything good to say about him.

    Reznor has always been a talentless little attention whore and he peaked over ten years ago. Nothing useful can come of calling women fat and ugly or telling them to slice their veins. Reznor clearly believes his own hype. He hasn’t released anything of interest since the depressing “Downward Spiral.” Apparently he hasn’t said anything of interest lately either. So glad I decided to skip the NINJA tour.

  30. one pissed bitch says:

    hey why dont you guys shut the hell up. you people are sitting here deffending FAT UGLY MALL GOTH 40 year old women who sit at home on the internet all day long and get pissed off about thier favorite rock stars getting married. haha they are all delusional and alot of them think that Trent is going to marry them or even better yet, some of them claim to be married to him or have had his baby. I think you guys need to fucking get a lif and realize that Trent is human and he can make fun of anyone he wants. i mean they did start it. they talked shit on him first. Im so sick of the ongoing fan shit starting. trent is a really nice guy. and maybe if they dont want to be fat they should work out and put the sandwinch down and get off the internet and go work out.

    true not everyone can be perfect. but people can loose wieght if they tried. :p and he wasnt makinf fun of his fans. he was making fun of pathetic gossping bitches.

  31. Matt says:

    JLC, comment 29: Wrong.

    “He is not well known” – Oh. Really? That’s why when bands cover “Head Like A Hole” people go, “wow, who the hell wrote this song? I’ve heard it before but I really don’t know who it’s by!” right?

    “…embittered, hectoring old man.” – Have you listened to his music? I thought that people who wrote music about depression, social anxiety disorder, drugs, suicide, etc were generally really happy people who are nothing but sunshine and bunny fucking rabbits.

    “…no other musician had anything good to say about him>” – Even Manson, who he has had an on/of relationship with, said that Trent is the only person in the music industry that he trusted and that he was thankful for the opportunity to release his album without having to censor his music. Sounds like a “good” thing to say about someone. (

    “He hasn’t released anything of interest since the depressing “Downward Spiral.”” – What rock have you been living under? Have you been there since 1994? You’ve obviously never listened to “The Fragile”, “The Slip” or “Year Zero”. I shouldn’t even bother mentioning “Ghosts I-IV” since I highly doubt you’d give instrumental music (you know, without words?) a chance if Trent writes it. If you don’t enjoy a genre of music, don’t comment on whether or not something released inside that genre is interesting or not. You wouldn’t know.

  32. Lila says:

    You’re not exactly top genetic material yourself, Reznor… an aging ex-junkie has been? You’re lucky any woman finds you interesting. Oh yeah, since your sexuality is so sacred and you’re above such women and have decided they are worthless, then here’s some advice for when you’re so old that no one wants to fuck you…. take a razor, slip into a warm bath, take a wee hit of the old “junk” and mercifully slit your wrists.

  33. Joan Cootes says:

    I’ve read a few of these comments and I’ve got to add some of my own. Trent, grow up!!! You’re 44 years old for chrissake!!! Why did you get engaged to that kid? And how long had you known her before you were engaged? One report said 9 days. Marry in haste, repent at leisure, boy, and you will be repenting!!! Serves you right!!! (For anyone interested, google images of mariqueen maandig and see what comes up. She’s a real lady, that one.) Wait a minute, I think I know what’s happened. The very slutty mariqueen has him wrapped around her little finger!!!! Every time he opens his mouth, her words come out. That’s what it is!!! One of the previous comments here says she openly drinks, smokes and does other drugs. He’s engaged to THAT???? (I wonder if he really knows what she’s like, either she hides her true self from him, or he’s so blinded by what he thinks is true love that he doesn’t care.) He’s been fighting his demons and staying sober for the past 8 years and now he’s engaged to a “lady” who could quite easily drag him down to her level, only this time I think he won’t be so lucky, this time I think it will kill him. She’ll drain him dry, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially. And now, she’s got him shitting all over his fans. He’s forgotten that we (yes, believe it or not, I am a NIN fan) put food on his table and keep a roof over his head. Trent, you need us more than we need you. We can quite easily move away from buying your merchandise and worshipping and idolising you. (Speaking of merchandise, I have a feeling that she will have a say in whatever, if any, music Trent writes and releases from now on, so I think the quality will deteriorate quite dramatically.) Trent, I used to think you were someone special, now I just think you’re a sad lonely middle-aged man with a mid-life crisis. You’re a fool. As I said before, you imagine yourself in love with this creature, this “most amazing woman in the world” as you call her. Boy, you don’t know the meaning of love!!!! A relationship isn’t just sex, sex is such a small part of any relationship. There’s companionship, friendship, having the same goals and aspirations, growing old together. I don’t see this female growing old with you, she’ll look at you one day, see who you really are, and find someone closer to her own age, all the time grabbing everything she can and taking it with her. Wake up and smell her cigarette breath, boy!!!

    • ScreamFan says:

      “You need us more than we need you” ?
      The most interesting thing about this hooplah is that so many “fans” think they know who Trent reznor really is….let alone his wife! Silly. Really silly. Trent was on drugs and drunk most of his professional career if not all. I doubt Trent knew who he was. lol! This is so high school. Come on, you really can’t care that much about his drinking? He’s a nobody…no one..We don’t know him…as much as he notices u? Seriously, he is human..nothing different. Just a musician..that’s all. Gosh, Trent doesn’t need to get over himself..he is over himself! HIS FANS NEED TO GET OVER THEMSELVES! You “diehard” fans that think your all mighty and powerful…get over yourselves. Trent doesnt want to you …ever…doesnt give shit what u think of his life-never has. Grow up. Get a life a dog, a freaking african adopted bb. But give the guy a break. He’s just living his life, with all these homos telling him stupid crap. He is just a guy! A normal, short little guy! lol. Give the guy a break. He makes music, that’s it. You don’t know him better becuz of it, you just enjoy the connection u have. Gosh, the fact that that has to be explained is beyond me.

      You ppl need to get a life…seriously. Trent has one now, time for u all to move on too. Im sure you would all like it better if he was still on drugs living in a hole, just to validate ur empty lives. SSheesh.

  34. Jennifer Cloutier says:

    I am the Jennifer that posted a couple of entries above.

    The most recent entry of #33 sums up what I am thinking. Thank you for stating it in a way I couldn’t.


  35. Joan Cootes says:

    I’m the one who wrote entry number 33, and, Jen, you’re very welcome. I thought carefully about what I wrote, maybe I went a little overboard, I don’t know. But I stand by what I said. I really, truly hope Trent does come to his senses before it’s too late.

  36. Fat girls everywhere says:

    I wonder is fat girls have more tears than thin ones…

  37. Rosario says:

    Trent get over yourself and be good to your fans 🙂

  38. Geoff says:

    Okay, I have read all of these arguments, and I must say something. I recently (as in about six months ago) just started getting into NIN, and find it amazing as to how much talent this man has. To manage this project basically on his own is quite a feat. His music is different yet addictive. It pushes the boundries of what I percieve music is. Hell, I never thought I’d hear another xylophone after my elementry school lessons of two decades ago, yet it plays lead in an industrial song. The man is amazingly talented. But that doesn’t mean he can’t be a douche. Rock stars are extremely complicated and often self-destructing. For example I’d pay anyone $5 million to tell me what goes on in Axl Rose’s head other than a cymbal monkey, yet I find him to be a music beast too (Chinese Democracy got me into NIN. Hate me if you must but I loved it). Did Mr. Reznor go too far? Yes. Does Mrs. Cloutier have reason to be insulted? Without any doubt. By all means, she could kick him in the nuts if she met him again. But she knows better than to stoop to that. Trent should’ve known better too. Honestly, I think he just snapped because I get frustrated with internet idiots just reading unrelated posts, let alone arguing with them. Reznor was entitled to his opinion though, and I do aknowledge the possibility of a mid-life crisis. He could have described how people with no brain function (don’t say retards- It’s wrong to bring them down several notches to compare them with those interwebz idiots) could go fuck themselves, but suicide is nothing to joke about, man. Honestly, the internet has many evil followers, but thankfully many intelligent ones as well. Reznor needs to learn that these scores of idiots is actually endless and more than fans are going to try and talk to him, and some will try to piss him off for no reason. That’s where they get their kicks.

    I apologize if my ranting seems scrambled,but that’s my thought process. Basically what I want to say is that both sides have substantial arguments and it would be nice if we could all play nice, but anyone who has spent more than two minutes on the internet knows that’s impossible, and not even rock stars are safe. If you’re famous, we WILL find you…

    We’re sorry that your stay wasn’t enjoyably enough Mr. Reznor, and we (your fans) will try and make check out as smooth as possible. You’re welcome to check back in when you feel the time is right.

    P.S.- I am also disappointed to learn that Reznor’s laying NIN to rest; so I guess some of you got what you wished for, tear tear. Guess I’ll need a new fix…

  39. Mark says:

    Demetria Dixon June 11th, 2009 1:18 am :
    He could endeavor to not be a complete horses ass. It may be too late. He’s under no obligation to have any of the sex that is being fantasized about. Is his ego so incredibly fragile that he’s unaware that he is aging and eventually he may have some pudge of his own. I say Trent get over yourself and be good to your fans. You don’t have schtupp everyone who finds you sexy. Leave them to there own machinations.

    Shut up fat ass.

  40. I agree with majority of the posts. i’m a little overweight but still FINE and i took offense to that too. no one likes to hear that they are fat! its just not something you say to people with a smile on your face and think you wont hurt anyone’s feelings. He was defiantly in the wrong if he meant it in that way.. but i also heard that he was referring to chicks on Metal Sludge… which is totally plausible.. that site is gar’bage’ when it comes to the groupies doing guys and describing shit.. i can’t believe anyone actually believes its true. anyway i want to feel that he is a good person and i still feel that way but this chick Mariqueen, i mean i feel hes been kinda acting like an ass after hooking up with her. I have no problem with a man finding love and starting a family. but, when you start acting like an asshole to everyone and not really explaining yourself you turn off a lot of people. Trent has a lot of female fans and a lot of them arent just groupies. They are hardcore NIN to the teeth fans and he disrespected us when he said that and i dont think just overweight girls either… i think he hit all of us girls, i felt like i got a big middle finger. Most girls i know were worried about this girl ruining his sobriety. A lot of people got on twitter and then post shit about her and a lot of it ends up being exactly what she wrote.. i mean how are people who have compassion for others not supposed to be concerned???? But hey i could be totally wrong and this could be a big misunderstanding…. who knows not like we’ll find out any time soon… for the mean time i just listen to nin sporadically… i’ve reopened my horizons with music and thats better for me.. theres no reason to be listening to the same 5 albums for 2 years when there is a plethora of great music out there…

  41. Lilith says:

    As I look at this Mariqueen woman, I think Trent’s getting a little too desperate to start having kids now. I agree w/ the person who posted that she’s going to look at Trent one day & decide to go w/ someone closer to her own age while grabbing what she can from him when they split. I love ya, Trent, but come on – you can do better.

  42. savagepatience says:

    While this new “you-guys-aren’t-being-fair-so-I’m-going-to-take-my-ball-and-go-home” thing is sort of endearing in a fluffy kitty sort of way, the fact of the matter is, he’s lost the focus. It’s not about the music anymore. It’s about one cause or another, one fight or another, one blog, etc.
    C’mon, Trent. Grow old with grace. With style. With dignity. Not this.

  43. Tracy says:

    God, this guy is such a tool. Does he think he’s the only person who gets hate mail? I don’t see other celebrities screaming, “You’re all fat c*nts who can’t get laid and fantasize about me, go kill yourselves! Oh, wait, I only meant a certain group of fatties, so don’t get all offended.” It’s like he’s surprised that there are jerks on the web.

  44. jasd says:

    Anyone upset by this is obviously a plump female. Do what you're told.

  45. ScreamFan says:

    He is a very sensetive person, he always has been. If you were a real fan-you would know that. I mean he hid in his home for seven or eight years ppl. When u want to “fuck him like and animal”, then go on to tell him so…it’s gonna freak him out. I would be. Totally. Although he can’t be so naive to not know what the majority of his fanbase is. Fat goth chicks..I saw em, at coachella. Huge girls here man! I mean one was so big, I could barely see past her. I mean really, it there were swarms of huge fat guys telling me how they’d do me, I’de be pretty scared too. It’s silly that he would tell his fans this…because he is obviously disregarding the fact that they buy albums…but hey-it’s his life. If he wants to do it, so what. As long as he keeps his music coming, I’m good. I am twenty five, two kids..a nurse..have a husband for seven years. I mean come on, I almost forgot how to relate to his music. But now, he has finally grown up! Yay, I actually have something to relate to in his music now.
    He isn’t worried about a backlash, because the ppl who don’t buy his album will be replaced by new fans that can actually relate to his music. I say good for you trent, stand up for your life and yourself. In essence he was sharing his very private life and thoughts with his fans. It is just plain rude to try to make him uncomfortable. And I know all the little nast biotches out there, dogging on his wife Mariqueen. That was probably hard too.
    Seriously, he loves her. WHy the hell not? Why would any one want him to loose more time in his life? He’s done so much for music and neglected his personal life completely. HOw come we can enjoy his music and move on with our lives…by getting married and having kids…but he has to stay the lonely bachelor musician?? NOt fair..not fair at all. He deserves a life just like us.
    Thanks trent for all the music when I was in high school, thanks for all the music now that we’ve all finally grown up. I can’t wait for all the inspirations u have in this new life. Marriage love and children are all the joys in the world. Worth losing everything for. Good luck.

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  47. Q says:

    Honestly, what most of these comments do, is make me laugh. Really hard.

    And then feel very disappointed and sad because of how many blunt people there are in the world.

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