Boxee Taking Lead As Internet TV Platform

Jun 15th, 2009 | By | Category: Internet TV, Video

Your living room television is the next new platform for developers.

And, while Apple is squandering its Apple TV lead by treating Internet television as a “hobby”, Boxee is opening the platform up to developers, offering an API and kicking off a developer challenge.

Boxee’s move is resulting in an explosion of content on the platform, including:

This is just scratching the surface, but it’s clear that Boxee has captured the new media mojo.

Boxee is becoming the iPhone of Internet television.

I’d still like to see what Apple could by opening up Apple TV – but an open and open source Boxee may end up being even better.

Do you think Boxee is going to become the de facto platform for Internet television?

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  1. Dave says:

    Not until Boxee strikes a deal to get its software on a device OTHER than Apple TV. A dedicated Boxee box will be required soon.

  2. Why, it’s almost an App Store….Hint! Hint! Apple….Hint! Hint!

    You’d think they would have offered a slab of cash already!

    If only to get rid of any potential competition.

    Are they asleep?

    Unless they have something even more wizzy in the sidelines. I guess THEY think that they have but I am prepared to be disappointed when the AppleTV take two, mark two is released.

    One assumes, faster processor, downloadable apps, games controller functions, yada yada.

  3. crackatoa says:

    Boxee is cool, but it’s still for the Linux crowd.

    What’s Apple thinking?

    It’s obvious that they’ve got a good thing with the iPhone developers going crazy developing stuff. If they’d open it up, Apple TV would suddenly be interesting, and you know they’d get tons of developers making apps for it.

    Apple TV is starting to look like the Mac Cube and a lot of other interesting Apple ideas that failed to launch.

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