First Music Video Shot On An iPhone 3GS: Technologic Overkill

Jul 2nd, 2009 | By | Category: Citizen Media, Digital Music, Digital Video Recorder, Internet TV, iPhone, Video, Video Software

Steve Ellington‘s Technologic Overkill claims to be the first music video shot on an iPhone 3GS.

The song by XFYA accompanies a video about the plight of a little blue robot and his attempt to be relevant in an increasingly technological world.

It’s not destined to be a classic – but it’s an impressive reminder that cell phones are transforming from being a horseless carriage technology (reproducing the traditional functions of a phone) into something new.

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4 Responses to “First Music Video Shot On An iPhone 3GS: Technologic Overkill”

  1. Excuse me, but that’s a music video? Not a chance.

  2. Randy says:

    Big deal, its a freaking video camera, its no different than a flip cam or any other small cam. Just because its also a phone, makes it less than a video camera? It shoots just like any other camera you aim at the subject, focus and press the start button. The Value in having a video camera in your cell phone, is for the unexpected event, what ever that ends up being that you can capture in the ‘immediate’ as for using the iphone for a “planned” shoot, give me a break, i would rather use a ton of consumer cameras that shoot in HD.
    I have a new iphone and i love the video feature. So I am not an iphone trasher, but really, to me this is not ‘news’ and its not a big deal.

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