Music Video Shot On iPhone 3GS

Jul 3rd, 2009 | By | Category: Citizen Media, Internet TV, iPhone, Video

Here’s another music video shot entirely on an iPhone 3GS. (We featured the first iPhone 3GS music video earlier this week.).

The song is Play by BJSR.

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  1. Leigh Hanlon says:

    Nifty video. I love the vibrant colors.

    Question: How did the creator avoid having the camera’s autoexposure swing wildly when the sun flashed into the frame? Was this done in post processing?

  2. Kenny says:

    The sun flares were legit in camera action. Since the camera wasn’t pointing directly at the sun the exposure didn’t shift, praise the lord. Thanks for the compliment.

  3. iphone cases says:

    Wow tha tis pretty cool, so… now I want a gs… but is it really a difference in hardware, not just software? aren't there third party apps for jailbroken iphones to record video??

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