Is iPhone Video Revolution About To Get Even Bigger?

Jul 6th, 2009 | By | Category: Internet TV, iPhone, Video, Video Podcasts

In june, we predicted a revolution in Web video, driven by the iPhone 3GS.

The new iPhones have already caused a 400% increase in mobile video uploads at YouTube. But rumors suggest that Apple has even bigger things in mind.

MacRumors is reporting that, based on images of cases for the upcoming iPod touch and iPod Nano, the next generation touch and Nano iPods may be getting video cameras, also.

A separate rumor, via TechCrunch, is that Apple has placed massive orders for the camera modules found in the iPhone. The size of the order suggests that video cameras will be showing up soon in iPods.

It’s a safe bet that video is coming to the iPod touch. The video camera is a fairly inexpensive part, but adds compelling new functionality that will help differentiate iPods from other media players. It’s less likely that the cameras will show up on the Nano.

The impact of putting millions of wireless video editing platforms into people’s hands is just beginning to be felt – but it can’t be long until this changes the way we watch and create news.

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  1. Chris Knowles says:

    This is exciting and it is redfining but what needs to be done (and what rarely is done in “game changing” articles) is to separate the ever increasing ease with which “amateurs” can produce content – the access – with the quality of the output.

    Don’t get me wrong, a half-decent video camera in an iPod Touch will be a tipping point for me personally, but just because I can record, edit and upload video in a few clicks doesn’t mean that I’m producing anything of value that others will subsequently want to watch.

    Sure, for eye-witness type situations, planes landing in rivers, riots, etc or for hyper-local news it is fantastic – but generally the eye-wtiness stuff gets exposure when picked up by mainstream media and hyper-local, by it’s very nature, is of interest to a very limited audience. And for consumers of such content, time, volume and noise are increasingly becoming issues.

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  3. James Lewin says:


    That’s a great point. As mobile Internet video becomes trivial, the noise is going to explode.

    This could end up being on a huge opportunity for someone – just as the noise of the billions of Web pages was a huge opportunity for Google.

  4. iphones fan says:

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    Thanks for the informative post.

  5. iphone cases says:

    I agree with Chris, if there was somehow a way to register a user first based on the quality and the relevance of videos produced/uploaded we would have better content out there.

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