New Zune HD Preview

Sep 12th, 2009 | By | Category: iPods & Portable Media Players

Here’s another preview of Microsoft’s Zune HD.

This one offers the briefest glimpse of 3-D gaming on the device, which means Microsoft’s intending to go mano a mano against Apple in the portable gaming space.

Think gaming will help improve the Zune’s lot?

The Zune HD will be out Tuesday, Sept 15th.

via zunited, engadget

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  1. cold-fusion13 says:

    This thing is gonna give the ipod a run for it's money. Get ready ipod here comes the stake in the heart.

  2. techgod420 says:

    That was a nice preview of Burnout on the Zune HD. Tuesday will finally start a true rivalry between the Zune and the iPod. IMHO, I am siding with the Zune since Apple dropped the ball this past week

  3. msbpodcast says:

    You're real believable there with your moniker of "cold-fusion13".

    As for the zune getting anywhere against significant against the iPod, meh.

    I'd sooner buy a GPS navigation system from Microsoft; one with a nasal whine bitchin' at me: "You never take me anywhere."

  4. RobRo says:

    Pre-ordered (still can't figure out why, lol) and am excited to see what this thing can do.
    Tomorrow is like Christmas in September. Thank you Microsoft for providing an alternative to Apple.
    I already own the Zune 8GB and it is truly a sweet player. Didn't really need a touch device, but hey, like I said, Christmas in September.

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