Video Shootout: iPod Nano VS Flip SD

Sep 12th, 2009 | By | Category: iPods & Portable Media Players

Chris Albrecht (NewTeeVee) made this side-by-side comparison of the video quality of the iPod nano vs the Flip SD.

“Overall — the Flip offered a MUCH better picture both indoor and out, providing way more detail in the image,” notes Albrecht. “The Flip microphone was also a little more discerning in our test, able to distinguish our subject’s voice in a crowded room much better than the Nano.”

The video quality of the new iPod nano is clearly inferior to the Flip, but it may not matter. With 8GB Nanos starting at $149, buyers are likely to see the Nano’s video camera as a freebie.

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  1. Chris says:

    Love my Flip. It is so easy to use that even my non-technical wife can use it. The Flip is even kid proof. My kids have shot many videos from it and it works like a charm.

  2. clavier says:

    I also prefer Flip more. I was thinking of getting rid of ipod Nano for this new one because of both the radio and the camera but found that camera really is not as good as the flip. The larger size of the Flip obviously means it’s better at taking in light and distinguishing in variations than the Nano.

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