9 Ways To Make Money Podcasting

Oct 1st, 2009 | By | Category: Making Money with Podcasts

susan-brattonMashable has published an interesting post that looks at 9 ways to make money with podcasting.

Here are the options they suggest:

9 Ways To Make Money Podcasting

  1. Sign up with a podcast network such as Mevio, Podtrac, and Wizzard Media
  2. Get your own sponsors
  3. Be like public TV and beg for donations
  4. Tease people with freebies and then charge for the good stuff
  5. Give away partial shows for free and charge for unedited shows
  6. Build your own media network of programming and sell ads against it
  7. Use podcasting to build your brand, and then sell your services
  8. Use your podcast to sell iPhone aps
  9. Incorporate sponsored content into your podcast

The post doesn’t offer any new models for making money with podcasting, but it does highlight the ways real podcasters are doing it.

Mashable’s latest post on podcasting is another sign that podcasting is being adopted by the mainstream as a valuable tool for both communication and marketing.

Just last year, Mashable was publishing doom and gloom stories about the future of podcasting, and arguing that “we cannot make reliable money from monetizing these downloads“. Now they’ve done a 180 degree turn, and are enumerating the possibilities.

Image: Susan Bratton via Mashable

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  2. I don't things this is something you can benefit in long terms, but this can be part of a free service to your site, for traffic to keep on building, just keep does pay per click ads, to cash in on some ads.

  3. In most cases it's easier to make money selling a book than it is to make money with a podcast. However, a podcast can be a good way to sell a book, provided you get enough people interested in it.

    In fact, whether you actually make any money often comes down to simply getting enough people to listen to your podcast, and that's becoming increasingly difficult to do. iTombs buries new podcasts and not even the podcasters bother much with podcast directories. And all the subjects that could make money have been saturated with people trying to make money podcasting. You probably have a better chance making money from YouTube by posting a successful video than making money podcasting.

    I don't know what the critical level one needs before pursuing revenues but I would guess 10,000 listeners, with an assumption that 10,000 listeners results in 1 sale. But I'm really just guessing at the numbers.

  4. blastoff says:

    as the money making is now becoming a difficult thing ,the Pod casting is an easy way of money making .

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