Is Apple Big Enough To Make Flash Irrelevant On Mobile Devices?

Oct 5th, 2009 | By | Category: iPhone, iPods & Portable Media Players

adobe-flash-iphoneThere’s a lot of discussion today about Adobe’s plan to bring Flash to Research In Motion, Windows Mobile, Palm and Google phones.

To bring Flash to all the major cell phone platforms, it seems, except for Apple’s iPhone.

“This is bringing the full Flash capabilities to these devices, it hasn’t been available before,” said Adrian Ludwig, Adobe’s group product marketing manager for the Flash Platform. “There will be a lot of content that just works on the devices, and then some will have to be tailored. If you have a great mobile idea, go ahead and build it and put it on a mobile device.”

As phones get more and more powerful, Flash becomes less of a liability, slowing down your web browsing, and more of a potentially useful tool.

Is Apple big enough to make Flash irrelevant on mobile devices?

Unfortunately for Adobe, it already has.

What remains to be seen is whether Adobe’s update can turn mobile Flash from a liability into a compelling feature.

Here’s a demo of Flash 10.1 running on a Palm Pre:

Apple’s betting on HTML 5, instead of proprietary plug-ins, and on dedicated apps, where they are needed for performance. The danger for Adobe is that the iPhone is a strong, mature platform with tens of thousands of dedicated apps and a browser that already wows most users.

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  2. msbpodcast says:

    HTML-5.x makes for a far more elegant solution than the rag-tag assortment of HTML n.m, sometimes DHTML, sometimes XHTML+CSS, with some Flash, some plugins, some add-ons and other impedimenta that we would otherwise inherit from the attempts to live with the web browser war-wounded and the inheritance of Microsoft's faulty IE, all combining to create some misbegotten demon spawn.

    Apple's use of HTML 5.x as a standard technology and a development target is undoubtedly the winner of the battle that they won't have to fight.

    Every tool maker will have to conform to HTML 5.x regardless of whatever else they choose to support.

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  4. Hayden says:

    Adobe also announced that it will be offering a way to publish a Flash app (ActionScript 3) as an iphone native app using the forthcoming Flash Professional CS5. While this has nothing to do with Flash in the iphone web browser, it does enable Flash developers (or people who do not have a mac for iphone development) to create standalone iphone native apps.

  5. Chris Brown says:

    I like that they finally made that app cool.

  6. msbpodcast says:

    Anybody who's too cheap to invest in a platform like the Mac to do some native iPhone development is probably too cheap to develop for the iPhone.

  7. Frank O. says:

    This seems like a way to create "shovelware" – taking existing content and shoveling it onto the iPhone.

    Nothing interesting will come of this.

  8. Sam Jackson says:

    i will grant that the iphone is a compelling device…but I love my blackberry because it is attached to my Verizon network….allowing me to make calls, retrieve data where my wife's I-phone fails.

  9. just like acup of water?? no sense.

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