Microsoft Considering Bringing Zune Software To The Mac

Oct 6th, 2009 | By | Category: iPods & Portable Media Players

microsoft-zune-hdMicrosoft is considering bringing the Zune software to Apple’s Macintosh OS X, according to an article at via ZDNet:

Microsoft is considering whether it should port the Zune software and services to other platforms, including Apple’s. There’s no guarantee that the Redmondians will end up doing this — or timetable as to when this could happen — but it’s one of many strategies under active consideration.

“We are evaluating a lot of options in terms of platforms,” says Microsoft’s Jose Pinero, when asked about this scenario.He noted that with the addition of the ability to stream music from a browser that is part of the new Zune 4.0 experience, Mac and Linux users already can stream music to their systems if they have a ZunePass subscription. The streaming capability isn’t limited to Internet Explorer; it works with any browser, he said.

Microsoft’s decision not to support Mac OS X has always seemed like a strategic blunder.

While Macs are a tiny fraction of the computer market, a huge percentage of Windows machines are corporate boxes that users can’t attach portable media players to, anyway. On the home front, Apple’s captured captured most of the high-end market.

New media types are also disproportionately Mac users, which means that there are a lot fewer people blogging, podcasting and vlogging about the Zune.

Competing with against the iPod on Apple’s own turf would be a huge challenge for Microsoft, but it’s something that they’re going to have to do if they want to move beyond competing based on price.

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  2. Frank O. says:

    So they can get spanked again?

    No sure what that would get them!

  3. Mirina says:

    I love my Zune! would love to use it un my mac with out having to use other programs like parallels and such!

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