Is It Time For WordPress Podcasters To Dump PodPress?

Oct 13th, 2009 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Featured Story, Podcasting Software

powerpressIs time for WordPress-based podcasters to dump the once-pioneering podcasting plugin PodPress?

It could be.

blubrry has announced that PowerPress 1.0 is now available, and it supports all the key PodPress features:

Version 1.0 of Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin for WordPress is now available. The latest version includes a number of new features/options as well as a settings pages redesign based on user feedback. With this update, PowerPress now includes all of the key features found in PodPress.

Details below. Download here. If you’re migrating from PodPress, check out the install instructions at

Have you replaced PodPress with PowerPress? Let me know what your thoughts are on the switch!

New Features and Options

  • Added 4 new MP3 flash players: 1 Pixel Out Audio Player, MP3 Player Maxi, Simple Flash MP3 Player and AudioPlay player
  • Added “Verify” media option next to Media URL box to check entered URL and detect file size/duration information
  • Added PodPress Stats Archive view
  • Added Password Protect option for Custom Podcast Channels, which allows for Premium Content


  • Relabeled “Custom Podcast Feeds” to “Custom Podcast Channels” to avoid confusion
  • Reorganized settings pages into tabbed sections
  • Added new “Video Scale” setting — users can choose between “scale,” “tofit,” or enter a custom scale value such as 1.5
  • Added new “E-Book PDF” label for download links of PDF files

All of the key features in PodPress included in PowerPress

The new Password Protection for the Custom Podcast Channels feature is a replacement for the PodPress Premium Content feature.  Unlike PodPress’ Premium Content feature, Blubrry PowerPress Password Protection for Custom Podcast Channels has no limit. You can create as many custom podcast channels with password protection as you want (each with its own RSS feed).

The new “Verify” button is an enhanced replacement of the “Detect” buttons found in PodPress. The Verify button goes beyond detecting only the file size and duration, it also confirms that the Media URL entered is formatted correctly and is valid. The new Verify button does all this with only one click.

PowerPress now includes the highly requested 1 Pixel Out Audio Player used by PodPress. PowerPress includes the latest version, which features volume control.

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No Responses to “Is It Time For WordPress Podcasters To Dump PodPress?”

  1. det says:

    i'm actually using soundcloud to host my podcast, it is working really weall and you can also enclosure it on your feed to integrate it with itunes…

    i think that a plugin might be just too hevay and may cause wordpress to load really slow, don't know…

    are you using it?

  2. The plugin is highly optimized and was built specifically to not load down wordpress unlike podpress which puts a huge burden on shared hosting accounts.

    With 10's of thousands already using PowerPress we have never had a complaint on loading since it's initial release 18 months ago.

    Having never heard of your hosting provider I hope that they know how to optimize your rss feed for new media consumption. PowerPress team is made up of podcasters that have been in the space since 2004 we know the techniques to maximize ones rss feed and website for new media consumption.

  3. tim says:

    hope it doesn’t kill Atom feeds like Podpress did, then.

    Deactivated that one promptly after that.

  4. talgalili says:

    I am using "podcasting" – it does the job well, and the author was responsive to bug reports.

  5. det says:

    todd, you haven't heard of soundcloud?

    i'm using it to host files, but i have configured rss myself (with feedburner)

    is not quite simple as installing a plugin and upload, so i will take powerpress into consideration for future podcasting projects (i know i'll be releasing some)


  6. snagglepuss says:

    det – how did you set up the rss feed? Can you share details?

    Are you using a commercial SoundCloud plan?

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  8. det says:

    sorry for the delay on the answer

    no, i'm not using a commercial plan

    here's how you do it

    take into account that you must also put the download link into the post, because for some reason wordpress erases the content of the encolosure field if it is not present on the post… but that's the only issue…

    good luck!

  9. Andy says:

    Handy info we have just started to organise content for our WP podcast so will investigate further. Thank you

  10. dyrec says:

    I'm using podpress, and I did not know why my amount of free space was always decreasing.
    When I went to my podpress plugin directory, I saw that there were mp3 files generated with HUGE size like 600Mo.

    Is PowerPress 1.0 doing the same think to check the size of the podcast file ?


  11. majed says:

    wow powerpress really amazing
    is there is any example to show videos ?
    and can i use it for my selfhosting files ?

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