Interest In The Zune HD Is Lukewarm

Oct 16th, 2009 | By | Category: Digital Music, iPods & Portable Media Players


The Microsoft Zune HD is no iPod-killer, according to technology research firm, Compete.

Some thought that Microsoft’s new touch-screen portable media player could give the iPod touch a run for its money, but Apple’s latest iPod announcements appear to be generating a lot more interest.

According to Compete’s Conrad Beickler:

  • The addition of a video camera to the iPod Nano resulted in a 700% week over week lift in traffic to Nano specific pages at during launch week
  • Traffic to, on the other hand, only saw a comparatively modest 90% week to week increase when the Zune HD launched
  • What’s far more damaging to the Zune HD’s prospects is that the iPod Touch, which hasn’t changed drastically since its redesign in September 2008, drew virtually identical levels of interest from online consumers as the entire site during the first two weeks immediately following the Zune HD launch

Beickler calls consumer interest in the Zune lukewarm – but even that’s an improvement for Microsoft. The Zune HD seems to be convincing people to reconsider the Zune platform.

“If early interest is any indication,” says Beickler, “the Zune HD could have a tough time grabbing a significant part of the market.”

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8 Responses to “Interest In The Zune HD Is Lukewarm”

  1. Joe says:

    when you don't have much market share it is hard to get attention nad it takes time. Zune HD rocks and has a future for sure

  2. msbpodcast says:

    Zune is a follower in the marketplace.

    Its is neither novel nor glamorous. Its like Kresge's in retailing.

    The money's all going to and through Wall*Mart.

    Microsoft can't afford the low margins of a Kresge's.

    They'll kill it once they figure out that it can't carry ads for Windows of Office, or that even if it could, that would be a waste of time since only Microsoft die-hard fan-boys buy any.

  3. Austin says:

    im commenting from my zune HD and i believe it to be superior to the ipod touch.

  4. Rob says:

    I'm anything but a MS fanboy. I have owned mp3 players from SanDisk over the years. I had used the Ipod touch a few tiems and just decided to wait for an alternative. After ignoring the generic touch media players it was a relief to see the Zune HD coming out. I ordered mine reasoning if it was no good I could return it. Well much to my surprise I absolutely love it. I'm still not a fanboy though and refuse to line up with the sheep that are blindly loyal to any brand, be it microsoft, apple, google, etc. I saw a Volkswagen Toureg with a Apple sticker on its back windows recently, I just laughed. I wonder if they have the matching jacket and coffee mug. Choice is good.

  5. DAVE says:

    The lack of interest is mainly because of technology media press bias in the mainstream press. The mainstream press goes gaga over anything from Apple no matter how mediocre, yet will ignore MS because of the perceived coolness factor

  6. synthhead says:

    It sounds like you're suggesting that the Apple demographic, which is well-educated, upper-income technology first-adopters, is a bunch of sheep.

    • Weedalin says:

      They are sheep. The majority of Apple-users or potential PMP buyers have no idea of any alternatives other than Apple. Because of the media’s bias for Apple, they become sheep who cannot think for themselves. The demographic you just described describes the people who actually take the time to check out other options in addition to Apple’s and regardless of what the media says about them, makes the choice that’s right for them. It used to be the description for iPod users, but not anymore.

  7. you never used the new version iPod touch ,it's slim ,with hand-touching,user-friendly-interface.

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