Which Portable Audio Recorder Will Run The Longest On Battery Power?

Nov 13th, 2009 | By | Category: Podcasting, Podcasting Hardware

sony-pcm-m10If you do location recording, you probably use a battery-powered portable audio recorder.

WingFieldAudio did a battery life comparison test on the recorders that they sell, and found that there was a huge range in how long the recorders could work.

Here are their top 10:

10 Top Long-Lasting Battery-Powered Portable Audio Recorders

  1. Sony PCM-M10 – 43.0 hours
  2. Sony PCM-D50 – 25.5 hours
  3. Olympus LS-11 – 19.2 hours
  4. Olympus LS-10 – 8.5 hours
  5. Tascam DR-07 – 7.5 hours
  6. Marantz PMD620 – 6.4 hours
  7. Zoom H2 – 6.3 hours
  8. Marantz PMD661 – 5.8 hours
  9. Tascam DR-1 – 5.8 hours
  10. Edirol R-09HR – 5.3 hours

Battery life is just one factor in choosing a portable audio recorder – but if it’s important to you, the list is an eye-opener.

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