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Dec 23rd, 2009 | By | Category: Educational Podcasts

Scholastic has published a short guide to podcasting for kids.

In all their forms, podcasts have become a popular classroom activity during the past five years—iTunes is now populated with streams from hundreds of K–12 schools across the country. Some student podcasts are simply recorded versions of history or book reports. But today, podcasts coming from the classroom are frequently much more creative and ambitious team efforts.

Along the way, they offer some good, if basic, tips for educational podcasters:

Some teachers find that getting podcasts onto official school websites is too complicated, technically difficult, or expensive. In that case, you can use free podcast-hosting websites.

Podomatic.com’s free account gives you 500 MB of storage and 15 GB per month of bandwidth, while PodBean.com’s free hosting allows 100 MB of storage and 5 GB of bandwidth monthly. These amounts of storage and bandwidth will be more than enough for most classroom podcasts: If you post two podcasts a month at 10 MB each (about 10 minutes long), 5 GB of bandwidth would allow each to be downloaded 250 times in a month.

See the full post at the Scholastic site.

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  1. I podcast with my 5th & 6th grade library students. They begin by reading poetry and end the year creating a video booktalk. They love the experience and are learning many skills they will use in later educational ventures.

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    I am Laura Dolland from Lauzza FM!
    I am on National radio and want to know if any school radio stations want to take my spot for a month!
    Write your schools name in a comment underneath this one to win! (no, I am not joking)
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  3. Mark Ducks says:

    I decided to do a class podcast and the kids LOVED it!!!!!
    Hope all teachers will have a try!

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