Podcasting – One Of The Decade’s Most Important Radio Trends

Dec 30th, 2009 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcasting

Radio industry news blog Radio Survivor is calling podcasting one of the most important radio trends of the last ten years:

It’s fair to say that the emergence of podcasting revitalized online radio, and even audio programs in general

In the same way that TiVo and PVRs breathed new life into television, podcasting suddenly gave listeners the ability to mold their intake of audio programming to their own schedule. At the same time, RSS podcasts feeds made it much easier to index podcasts and create easily searchable online directories organized by genre and keyword.

It’s that innovation which stimulated an onslaught of podcast production.

While Radio Survivor positions podcasting as a major radio trend, for at least some of us, podcasts have pushed radio to the sidelines.

Thanks to podcasting, it’s hard to stomach the commercials and lowest-common denominator programming that most radio stations pump out these days.

What do you think? Is podcasting an important trend in radio – or is it making radio irrelevant?

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  1. Marc Krevo says:

    I don’t think you can compare radio with podcasting. Radio’s content is broad based. Podcasting’s content targets the audience specifically. One is more all inclusive and the other is more exclusive.

  2. Bryan Cox says:

    Podcasts put the power of broadcast in the hands of the people. As an ex radio guy I’ve slowly watched terrestrial radio take a nose dive. Which is because they’ve lost touch with the listener. Podcasts offer the content that terrestrial radio is afraid to play and say. After listening to alot of podcasts I’ve found that there are alot of crappy ones. It seems that there are ton of kids out there with their little sisters “Barbie Microphone” that think they’re going to be a big radio star. Please, read about, get some training and learn about podcasting before you open that mic. It’s almost like comparing small town radio to big city radio. Podcasts can be original programming that radio stations might pick up as content. On the other hand you do get some goofs passing off their local morning show as a podcast, please STOP THAT!!!
    Thanks so much for writing this article. It was very well done.
    Bryan Cox
    “Hey Get Off My Lawn” Podcast.

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