Apple’s Top Podcasts Of 2009

Dec 31st, 2009 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcasting, Video Podcasts

Apple has announced its picks (iTunes link) for the best podcasts of 2009, breaking them out into four categories:

  • This Year’s Audio Podcasts – The Adam Carolla Podcast topped the list. Other noted include Robert Ashley’s A Live Well Wasted, WTF with Marc Maron, The Memory Palace and Norman Centuries.
  • This Year’s Video Podcasts – The Suze Orman Show topped the video podcast list, followed by Old Jews Telling Jokes, ROFL, The Rotten Tomatoes Show & IGN’s Daily Fix.
  • Classic Audio Podcasts – This American Life topped the list of classic audio podcasts, followed by The Onion Radio News, TWiT, ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption, and Grammar Girl.
  • Classic Video Podcasts – Their pick for the top classic video podcast was Onion News Network, followed by Joe Cartoon, CNN’s Anderson Cooper 260, DiggNation and NBC’s Meet The Press.

Their picks are dominated by corporate podcasts.

Think these are the best podcasts of the year? Let me know what you think the top podcasts were in 2009!

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2 Responses to “Apple’s Top Podcasts Of 2009”

  1. Chaz Rough says:

    YOGAmazing is not corporate and was voted 2 years in a row by Apple as one of the best Podcasts i iTunes. Why did you not mention this one?

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