MultiTrack App Turns Your iPhone Into 16-Track Digital Recorder

Dec 31st, 2009 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcasting Software

Harmonicdoc has released MultiTrack 1.1 (App Store link), a $14.99 application that turns your iPhone into a 16-track digital audio recorder.


  • Stereo Recording – up to 16 stereo or mono tracks
  • Fader, pan, mute and solo for each track
  • Metronome – never miss that beat again
  • Time Signatures – various musical time signatures
  • Ruler – shows where you are in the song
  • Snap – snaps the timebar to ruler lines
  • Punch in/out – automatically starts and stops recording
  • Auto Input – allows monitoring the track underneath until punch points
  • Select left, right, or both channels of a stereo input for recording
  • Speaker/receiver output selection switch (for iPhone)
  • Input and Output faders
  • 24 bit internal pathways
  • Multi-touch pinch/zoom support
  • VU meters for each track
  • Extremely low latency recording
  • Selectable input monitoring
  • Recording perfectly synced to other tracks
  • Crossfading uses cubic interpolation
  • Animated popup controls

Paired with a decent external microphone, this could be a powerful portable studio.

If you’ve used Harmonicdog MultiTrack, leave a comment with your thoughts!

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One Response to “MultiTrack App Turns Your iPhone Into 16-Track Digital Recorder”

  1. Andy.Cavazos says:

    I just purchased this app yesturday and it is truely amazing! It gives you the core features of a real music and audio recording program. I still feel that it lacks some functionality in terms of settings and customization. It would be awesome if somehow with a 30Pin adapter to USB or FireWire which would allow you to connect to an interface such as the Profire 2626 by M-adio. This would allow you to theoretically record upto 16 tracks simultaneously, granted you had the interface and mics, and Multitrack 1.1 would have to grow significantly. This with some more work can be the next revolution in audio capture and production, self promotion and digital distribution. The program needs to have a better file management system, more options on export as recording quality, effects/loops(maybe as a plugin) and a better interface on the backside of the file system. It shows great promise and if they’re not careful they could change music forever!

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