Las Vegas Courthouse Shooting Video Captured On An iPhone

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Nicholas Gramenos came to the Las Vegas Courthouse Monday morning to report for jury duty – but found himself witness to a shootout between court security and Johnny Lee Wicks, who is reported to have been upset over a reduction in his social security benefits.

65 year old Court Officer Stan Cooper was shot and killed in the incident and a 48 year old US Marshal was also shot.

Gramenos was leaving the courthouse when shots broke out.

“I turned around and I saw the gunman running from the area,” said Gramenos. “I saw the gun hanging from his neck.”

Gramenos used his iPhone to record video of what happened next. He posted the video shortly thereafter to YouTube.

“It’s almost our responsibility to capture these events and just give them to the world,” said Gramenos.

Does Citizen Media Change What’s Newsworthy?

While Gramenos’ footage will tell most viewers very little about the event, the fact that there is video has increased coverage of the story.

Gramenos footage has been used in coverage by the Associated Press, CNN, CBS and others:

This sort of citizen media coverage is becoming more common as iPhones and other mobile media computers become ubiquitous. As this happens, it’s changing what is news.

Gramenos’ iPhone video doesn’t add much information to the story – but it makes the story more compelling and emotional. And stations are going to run stories with the shaky, but compelling, footage over other stories.

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