Shel Holz On Why Podcasting Is “Worth Every Minute” It Takes

Jan 5th, 2010 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Featured Story, How to Podcast

Corporate communications guru Shel Holz has posted a lookback at his five years of podcasting – and why he thinks that the 14 hours a week that he spends working on his podcast is worth it:

When it comes to podcasting as a medium, I’m a true believer. No, it never exploded the way microblogging or social networks have, but the number of podcasts, the adoption of podcasting by mainstream media, and the number of listeners continues to grow incrementally, not to mention general public awareness of the medium.

I love the idea of niche-oriented shows that appeal to smaller audiences than are required to support radio or television shows.

I have become A Podcaster and I just can’t imagine not doing it.

Holz and Neville Hobson are up to episode #514 of their twice-weekly podcast, For Immediate Release.

Back when Holz and Hobson and many other podcasters first started, a lot of people had unrealistic expectations for podcasting and the impact that it would have on radio.

Holz reminds us that realistic expectations for podcasting are impressive enough.

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