Proof That Podcast Fans Are Dedicated – 50 Keith & The Girl Fans Get KATG Tattoos, Brandings

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Need proof that podcasts inspire dedicated fans?

Then check this out – the podcast team of Keith Malley and Chemda hit a milestone as Jesse Smith became the 50th fan of the Keith and The Girl podcast to get a tattoo or branding.

This 19-year-old tattooed the letters KATG, in honor of his favorite show, onto the inside of his lower lip. Jesse, a listener of the show for almost 5 years, is about to join the Air Force, and is a dedicated fan of Keith and Chemda.

There are now 48 people who have a Keith and The Girl themed tattoo and 2 others who have branded their skin.

Most notable are Richard Ochoa and Michael Garod.

  • Richard has added so many KATG tattoos on his arm that it’s now known as The KATG Sleeve – a mural of KATG references.
  • Michael Garod has a huge branding of the KATG logo on his right torso. To create the branding Michael had to endure the outline being cut into his skin that was then slowly filled in by permanently burning his flesh with an electric gun over a period of hours. The event was captured on a recent Keith and The Girl TV episode, which is so barftacular that we embedded it below for your very much viewing pleasure.

Note: This video is not safe for the weak of stomach. Contains graphic scenes of Keith & the Girl intern Michael Garod getting his chest branded with a Keith & the Girl logo.

Keith and The Girl, a popular comedy podcast that has published over 1100 episodes, features comedian Keith Malley and singer Chemda, discussing their lives and current events.

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  1. elliot says:

    That guy’s going to regret getting branded with a podcast logo.

    Can you imagine trying to explain that in 10 years? There used to be these things called podcasts and…..

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