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Jan 31st, 2010 | By | Category: Podcasting Software

Blubrry has released PowerPress 1.05, an update to its free podcast syndication plugin for WordPress.

The release includes several new features and addresses multiple bugs.

PowerPress lets users embed audio and video podcasts into their WordPress sites and create correctly formatted feeds for syndication.

Changes in this version:

  • Added new ‘Podcast Permalinks’ option in Basic Settings so users can map example.com/podcast/ to a static page or category.
  • Renamed jquery.cookie.js to jquery.c.js to prevent Apache mod_security from detecting the word ‘cookie’ as a possible threat.
  • Additional code added for some cases where previous PodPress data was stored serialized twice over. PowerPress now un-serializes the PodPress data twice if necessary.
  • Added option to Disable Media Player for known mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, Palm Pre and Blackberry phones.
  • Fixed bug with play in new window only using the default player.
  • Fixed bug with AudioPlay flash player not linking to media file.
  • Fixed bug with iTunes ping results for podcast categories and channels displaying the default feed results.
  • Fixed bug with iTunes duration not displaying in edit screen after saving. (entered values are now saved if auto detect fails)
  • Displaying default podcast category feed title below feed title field for reference.
  • Displaying default podcast category landing page URL below Landing Page field for reference.
  • Added note in the iTunes New Feed URL setting which feed the setting is applied to.
  • Added option to allow manually setting the iTunes author name on a per episode basis.
  • Updated Flash players to support URLs with spaces by urlencoding the URL values.
  • Added better error reporting for AJAX ‘Verify’ button failures.
  • Relabeled “Import Movable Type/Blogger/Joomla/TypePad Episodes” to “Import from other Blogging Platform”.
  • PodPress Import screen now includes a media file extension filter.
  • PodPress Import now includes the m4v video cover images.
  • PodPress Import “Select Only” specific columns feature.
  • Other Blogging Platform Import “Select Only” specific columns feature.
  • PowerPress shortcode [powerpress] now documented within the Appearance Settings tab.
  • Warning added to “Auto Add Media” setting that the Duration (total play time) will not be detected.
  • Added link to PodcastFAQ.com to footer and “Tools” page.
  • All Podcast Channels must be deleted before disabling the Advanced Option.
  • Fixed bug where Custom Channels with blank titles did not appear in list.
  • Fixed bug where WordPress 2.6 PowerPress users have a disabled WordPress dashboard caused by missing wp_add_dashboard_widget() function.
  • Diagnostics now tests that the temporary directory exists and is writable.
  • Diagnostics Email results are now printed in the page after sending.
  • Diagnostics now includes the title, version and URL of active plugins.
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