Secrets Of Old Spice’s The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

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Old Spice’s latest commercial, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, is awesome in a dozen different ways – but it’s also a great example of corporate viral video that works.

How many ads get two million views in two weeks on YouTube?

Old Spice doesn’t have to have to put a URL in their ad or ask you to Tweet this – they’re confident enough in the ad to put on the Web and let the Internet do the rest.

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like is viral because it’s a great idea, brilliantly executed. It grab your attention and leaves you wondering just what the hell you just saw.

One reason it works so well is that actor Isaiah Mustafa is gorgeous and has one of the most listenable voices since Geoffrey Holder made the UnCola Mahvelous.

Another reason is that it’s jaw-droppingly absurd.

What really makes the video work, though, is the amazing one-shot execution. Mustafa goes from his shower to a boat to riding a horse on the beach in one carefully choreographed shot – like the best of lip-dub videos.

Pioneering podcaster Leo Laporte looked at the making of The Man Your Man Could Smell Like in this recent TWiT video podcast.

Laporte talks with Craig Allen and Eric Kallman of the Wieden + Kennedy agency to find out how the ad was made:

It’s an excellent TWiT episode  – and it highlights how podcasts can dig into subjects in ways that would be impractical on TV.

Best of all, it digs into some of the secrets of The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, but leaves you all the more impressed at the ad’s brilliant execution.

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  1. Andy Wallman says:

    Holy crap, what a great ad. I found another cool (but non-web) interview with Craig and other folks on the creative team at W+K. Here: — When I first saw the ad, I loved the execution, but was thinking about their strategy vs. Axe. I blah-blah-blahed about that here: — I wonder what the video will peak at. 10 million? And of course, if you’re Old Spice, you gotta be thinking sequel. On a horse.

  2. This was a great commercial. Can’t believe all that went into producing. Thanks for the link BTW. I’ll shoot you some LL back.


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