Adobe Goes To War With Apple’s iPad, Pits “Full Web”Against Open Web

Mar 8th, 2010 | By | Category: Apple iPad, Internet TV, Video

Adobe is going to war with Apple’s iPad, as this Adobe + HP demo video shows.

Apple has demonstrated that lack of Flash support isn’t going to keep people from buying iPhones by the millions. It’s betting that the same will hold true with the iPad.

The HP Slate demo is pretty slick – and if the Apple iPad had not been introduced, this would probably be wowing people.

I’m not sure if an online Sponge Bob Flash game is going make anyone want to get the HP Slate.

What might, though, is the Slate’s ability to view video at today’s Flash-based video sites.

Do you think we’re heading towards a “full Web” vs “open Web” battle over Internet video?

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5 Responses to “Adobe Goes To War With Apple’s iPad, Pits “Full Web”Against Open Web”

  1. Don McAlpine says:

    This is really going to be a war between slate and Ipad but with the applications I usually work on that requires flash then I am no good for Ipad. A lot of online sites and even videos online are flash based so slate is really more desirable to have over ipad.

  2. B to the F says:

    My website used to generate business uses flash – so I’m not to happy with Mr Jobs.

  3. noteither says:

    i wonder how to access youtube on iPad?? it’s not html5 compliant yet i guess?? bad apple 🙁

  4. JerrCassel says:

    Youtube converted all their movies to mp4 so they could play on iphone.

    and frankly, I hate flash sites.

    skip intro!

  5. yeah, I completely agree with your views, as is known to everyone, with the growing number of ipad owners, ipad is becoming more and more popular all over the world! it is already a trend!

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