Sex, The iPad & The Future Of Magazines

Mar 18th, 2010 | By | Category: Apple iPad

This video captures a demo of a Sin City style motion magazine feature about “Your Worst Sex Fears”, created for Viv Mag – an all digital magazine.

The demo, by Alexx Henry, Cory Strassburger and Ming Hsiun, is another example of how designers are re-imagining magazines for the iPad and other tablet computers.

It’s an interesting demo.

But like most of the other futuristic magazine concepts we’ve seen, the focus seems to be on eye candy – on how the magazine should look.

Publishers are going to have to do more than sprinkle designs with eye candy if they want their magazines to survive. They’re going to have to re-imagine what a periodical is – and figure out how to make periodicals relevant in the context of the Web.

Here’s another example of Viv Mag:

Designers are going to love this stuff.

But a lot of readers will consider the gratuitous video and animatics a barrier to getting into the content & functionality of the magazine.

Where’s the Skip Intro button on this stuff?

Check it out and let me know what you think. Would you subscribe to Viv Mag?

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5 Responses to “Sex, The iPad & The Future Of Magazines”

  1. elliot says:

    Very cool! Can you imagine graphic novels like this?

    I don’t know about using this for regular magazines, though. It would probably be annoying if you had to wait for the graphics every time you changed to a new page.

  2. Rick Wolff says:

    Tellingly, I can’t see the video on my iPod Touch.

  3. Me says:

    Visually very interesting, yet it really doesn’t add anything to the content; alas, this is where the challenge lies.

    • James Lewin says:

      Yes – seems like it would be very difficult to justify the cost of something like this.

  4. Dan says:

    Unfortunately, there aren’t many tools available to create that kind of multimedia content. I know of one, but only one, BookOnPublish ( Basically you use it to add layers with hotspots and media links to page from PDF files. You can then package the product to run from a CD, from a Flash drive, or as a download for Mac or Windows. Or you can convert it to run in a browser, including the iPhone, iTouch, and the iPad.

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