Are You Ready For A “Fred” Movie?

Mar 25th, 2010 | By | Category: Internet TV, Video

Variety reports that YouTube wunderkind Lucas Cruikshank is making the jump to television, taking his “Fred” character to Nickelodeon via a series of TV movies:

Fred: The Movie is based on the YouTube character Fred Figglehorn, created and played by Lucas Cruikshank.

“Fred” centers on a socially awkward and emotionally immature kid with a wild imagination. Cruikshank’s videos have been viewed over half a billion times.

“Fred: The Movie” also stars John Cena, Siobhan Fallon and Pixie Lott. Sharla Sumpter Bidgett and The Collective’s Gary Binkow and Evan Weiss are also producers.

Are You Ready For A “Fred” Movie?

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5 Responses to “Are You Ready For A “Fred” Movie?”

  1. Amazing. Lesson: If you can build a massive audience online the mainstream will show you love.

  2. JANUS says:

    …kill me now.

    • James Lewin says:

      Janus – I know what you mean. I’ve never quite understood the appeal of Fred – but we’re obviously not the target audience.

      I’m impressed, thought, at how Cruikshank has done things that no other video blogger has done.

  3. We did this before.

    It was called Alvin and the Chipmunks.

  4. minnie says:

    AMAZING! My nieces, nephews, cousins……heck, my entire extended family LOVES FRED!! Lucas Cruikshank will go far. He obviously has a talent that doesn’t come along every day. Can’t wait for the movie!

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