VaultPress Announces New WordPress Backup Security Services

Mar 30th, 2010 | By | Category: General, Podcast Hosting, Podcasting Software

Automattic’s Matt Mullenweg has announced a new service, VaultPress that is designed to meet the growing need for automated backups and security patches for WordPress self-hosted sites.

Here’s how Mullenweg describes the service:

The vision of VaultPress is to ensure that blogs and sites under its care are always completely secure, regardless of what happens. Today, this means every bit of content will be safe, from plugins and themes to the smallest comment or post revision, with WordPress-aware, real-time, multi-cloud backups. This is some of the most advanced technology I’ve seen interact with WordPress.

In the future, if your site is tampered with in any way, we’ll know within minutes and can take appropriate steps. The VaultPress core engine will be able to protect you against zero-day security vulnerabilities by updating your blog with hot-fixes, even while you sleep.

VaultPress fills a huge hole for WordPress self-hosted sites. It remains to be seen how automated updates play with critical plugins. If VaultPress can deal with this issue in an elegant way, it could be hugely beneficial for bloggers and podcasters.

VaultPress is in beta now – see the beta application for details. VaultPress plans to charge around $10/month for the service.

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3 Responses to “VaultPress Announces New WordPress Backup Security Services”

  1. Tejus says:

    Our service BlogVault, ( ) does this too
    and has been up for a week. It provides full backup of WordPress
    blogs via a plug-in and restore capabilities. BlogVault has
    multiple payment options and a free user plan as well.

    • elliot says:

      Nice but the free option is a little pathetic. 50mb? Not a lot of blogs would fit in that space, certainly not with versions.

      • Akshat says:


        I am from blogVault. The free version of the service is primarily for the basic bloggers, who typically only have text only posts. Like we have explained on the site, we are trying to provide a service where-in you can be assured of us not being a fly-by-night shop, and for that we charge our users money.

        Nonetheless, in case you are worried about 50 MB being too less for you, please sign up for the free plan, and drop us a mail(through contact form), and we will upgrade you for free to a 1GB account.

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