Print Your Own Damn Newspaper, With Newspaper Club

Apr 12th, 2010 | By | Category: General

Enough griping about old media – maybe it’s time to get your press on!

Newspaper Club is a new service, now in beta, that promises to let you make your own print newspapers online:

You can make a 12 page newspaper using ARTHR, a simple tool we’ve built. ARTHR helps you lay out pictures and the text, preview it and send it to print.

Here’s how they describe the service, in a nutshell:

We think the web is wonderful and printed newspapers are a tremendous, highly-evolved way of reading stuff. We think combining the two is a good idea. We’re not about news or any particular form of content, we’re about ink on newsprint.

Whatever you think would be good to print that way; we think you’re probably right.

Pricing starts at £35 for 5 B & W newspapers and £500 for 500 full color newspapers.

You can also design your paper in your favorite software (Quark?) and supply PDFs.

It’s not cheap – but it could put short-run newspaper printing within reach for a lot of uses.

Remember: The First Rule Of Newspaper Club – check the PDF upload details.

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