Social Networking Hoodie Updates Your Facebook Account While You Look Swankadelic

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Are you ready to let your hoodie update your Facebook account?

Jennifer Darmour’s Ping is a social networking garment – a hoodie that updates your Facebook account wirelessly and lets you look swankadelic at the same time.

It’s an example of wearable technology that supports social networking.

According to Darmour, the social networking hoodie offers a new way to network:

It allows you to stay connected to your friends and groups of friends simply by performing natural gestures that are built into the mechanics of the garments we wear. Lift up a hood, tie a bow, zip, button, and simply move, bend and swing to ping your friends naturally and automatically.

No phone, no laptop, no hardware. Simply go about your day, look good and stay connected.

A sensor integrated into the hoodie, allowing the natural gesture of lifting the hood and putting it back down to communicate to Facebook.

Lifting up the hood automatically sends a message and updates your status. Putting the hood down sends another message. A Facebook application allows you to customize your messages, assign them to groups of friends and even manage many different types of messages based on where you are, who you’re pinging, or what your mood is:

Ping is a design concept – and I’m not sure if I’m ready to get Facebooks updates that say “I’ve put on my hoodie and I’m looking superfoxy.”

Darmour’s interested in exploring the idea, though, that the clothes we wear could communicate in new ways that “become a core part of our expression, our identity, and our individuality.”

Got ideas for other garments that should be social networking? Leave a comment!

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