Podcasting Microphones Under $100

Apr 17th, 2010 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting

Patrick Norton and Veronica Belmont take a look at some of the best podcasting microphones under $100.

Veronica’s picks include the Alesis USB Mic Podcasting Kit, the Marshall Electronics MXL Studio 1 USB and the Blue Microphones Snowball USB.

These are all popular choices for podcasting mics and you’ll get good results if you record in a quiet place.

Many podcasters, though, move on to using traditional mics with XLR connectors and running them into a dedicated audio interface (and possibly a compressor and other audio effects).

Got a podcasting mic setup that you like? Leave a comment!

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3 Responses to “Podcasting Microphones Under $100”

  1. JANUS says:

    I’ve been using Samson C01U for the last two years, it’s given me near professional sound. I also own the Snowflake from BLUE, which is useful for mobile-recording. Just picked up the stainless-steel BLUE Snowball yesterday… about to try that one out for my next show.

  2. I have a relatively high-end studio at home for my podcast Geek Cred, but while you’ll still need an interface, at just $29, the GLS Audio ES-58 is a steal, especially when compared to the $99 Shure SM-58. I did a full review on my blog which you can read here:

  3. I still use the same audio hardware setup I started the Austin Connection with 5 years ago with excellent results. A Digidesign Digi002r firewire interface running a current version of their ProTools LE Software along with a few good mics (AT 4047, CAD E100 and a few EV 747 dynamics). Admittedly this is kinda overkill for podcasting but having pro-level equipment helps me to get the audio quality I want when I host all these fine songwriters on the program. I’m getting ready to host my 100th show soon too.

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