New Henge Dock Turns MacBook Into A Media Center

Apr 22nd, 2010 | By | Category: General, Internet TV, Video

Henge Docks has introduced a new line of docking stations for Apple notebook computers that are designed to make it easy to use your MacBook as a media center.

Each Henge Dock model is designed for a specific type of MacBook computer. Included with each dock is a compliment of USB, Ethernet, Audio cables and in some models Firewire cables, designed to work with the Henge Dock system.

Setting up a Henge Docks unit is straight forward, allowing you to select only the cables you need making docking and undocking the computer as easy as possible. For more information visit the Support Page, watch the Henge Docks Demo Video, or download the User Guide.

The docks start at about $60. Details at the Henge Docks site.

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  1. Jason R says:

    Isn’t it still considered bad juju to switch between vertical and horizontal orientation of a hard drive. Was always told it should be one or the other for external drives and not to constantly switch between the directions.

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