$9.99 iPhone App The “World’s Most Advanced Video Editing Suite” For A Mobile Device

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1stVideo (App Store link) is a new $9.99 iPhone video editor that’s described as the”world’s most advanced video editing suite running on a mobile device.”


  • Use the onboard camera from within the App, or import h.264 video or pictures already saved in the Camera Roll.
  • Edit with VeriCorder’s unique, multitrack, patent-pending editor.
  • Send smaller files ( < 10MB ) by email, or share larger files with your computer over a WiFi networks.
  • Export completed video projects into the Camera Roll, for simple posting on YouTube or MobileMe accounts.
  • Software includes a multitrack audio editing suite, with advanced features, including volume curves, sound mixing, gain control and more.
  • 1st Video can also combine still images with sound to easily create narrated or musical slideshows, ready for posting to the web.

If you’re interested in mobile video blogging – 1stVideo could be a great option.

Note: 1stVideo works only with iPhone 3GS devices.


Other editors may let you string together a few clips. 1stVideo allows users to put together professional quality news items, movies or podcasts, with multi-track audio, on an iPhone 3GS device. The secret is VeriCorder’s advanced audio-video editing software, which lets you seamlessly blend multitrack sound with video clips from multiple recordings in an powerful but easy to learn, touch-based, non-destructive editor.

1stVideo is a complete solution for anyone who needs to quickly record, edit, send and distribute video for traditional or web media. It is the most advanced mobile video editing solution on the market today, on any platform. It’s ideal for creating news stories on the fly, and posting directly into a newsroom or to an automated video podcasting system.


  • Renders edited video project on the iPhone 3GS
  • Exports h.264 .mov video files at 480X360 resolution.
  • Sound files can be edited and sent separately as broadcast-ready .wav files, in Mono, CD quality, at 44.1 kHz
  • Multitrack audio editing with volume curves and mixer
  • Send video or audio by email ( < 10 MB file )
  • Share recorded files to your computer over WiFi
  • Onboard QuickStart Guide

Commercial integration of 1stVideo is already underway with many of the leading back-end media management systems, such as MOS, Octopus, AVID, ENPS, Burli and David Systems.

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