Acoustic Treatment For Podcasting

May 18th, 2010 | By | Category: Podcasting, Podcasting Hardware

USB Mic TestbySomeAudioGuy

SomeAudioGuy did a couple before & after tests comparing the results that he could get from a typical USB computer mic setup and a low-budget treated recording space.

The example above was recorded using a Zoom H4n, connected as a USB mic, in front of a computer.

The following example was recorded in the treated space.

Corner Space Mic TestbySomeAudioGuy

While both examples are good, you can really hear the difference in the quiet before he starts talking.

Here are the details on treated recording area:

I found the quietest space in my apartment, and hung multiple packing blankets from removable hooks. The idea is to leave them in place semi-permanently, but in a pinch they’ll be easy to remove. I like moving pads/packing blankets as they’re ridiculously cheap, so you wont mind cutting into them or messing them up. Also I find they do a really decent job of cutting reflection when compared to even low cost acoustic foam at a fraction of the price.

Next I set up my new SM Pro Audio Mic Thing with the sides turned in pretty aggressively to form a tight space around the microphone. If my advice holds true, then the the Mic Thing should help reduce room reflections, and the packing blankets should reduce corner reflections from behind me.

Image below:

What do you do to get the best results?

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4 Responses to “Acoustic Treatment For Podcasting”

  1. jmack says:

    We also use packing blankets and they work incredibly well for us. We run on a low budget setup, but used the way we do it, we sound awesome! Packing blankets, a brass gromet set to add holes for hooks, and some removeable hooks is the way to go!

  2. arjun says:

    Nice comparison – the second one has a lot less noise and sound clearer also.

    It would have been nicer if he’d used the same mic in both positions, though.

    I’ve been experimenting with an ipad app that lets me control Garageband wirelessly. It lets you get away from recording right by the computer.

  3. My husband built a wooden box just large enough for me (when sitting on a stool). It is padded with material, and rather cosy though it was not what we looked for.

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