iMovie For iPhone Launching June 24th

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When Steve Jobs introduced the new iPhone 4, one of the most interesting announcements was that iMovie was coming to the iPhone.

As popular as the iPhone platform is, adding HD video capture and iMovie to it could create a new vlogging & video podcasting explosion.

Now new details are starting to come out on iMovie for iPhone:

  • iMovie for iPhone will be iPhone 4 compatible only. According to Apple, handling video and creating real-time transitions needs the power of the iPhone 4’s A4 processor.
  • iMovie for iPhone projects are not compatible with iMovie for Mac. Projects edited on the phone cannot currently be transferred to iMovie on the Mac for further editing. Edited Movies can be synced back to the Mac, though. This is something that’s likely to be addressed in an iMovie update.
  • Video clips can be recorded directly within iMovie for iPhone or come from the Camera Roll.
  • iMovie for iPhone will June 24th, with the launch of iPhone 4, and will retail for $4.99. The $4.99 price tag will irk some, but may increase the likelihood of competitive iPhone video apps with different features sets.
  • iPad users are out of luck. It seems like an obvious next step to make iMovie for iPad. But, while the iPad might be a great platform for editing video, getting content to it would be slow and cumbersome for typical users. Apple will need to address this if it make an iMovie for iPad.

We’re excited to get our hands on the iPhone 4 and test out its video capabilities.

What do you think? Could the iPhone 4 + iMovie for iPhone combination kick off a new Internet video explosion?

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2 Responses to “iMovie For iPhone Launching June 24th”

  1. Nate says:

    Just something in addition to your commentary about an ipad version… “getting content to it would be slow and cumbersome for typical users.” Rubbish, it’s dead simple… and I’ve already published videos that were recorded on my 3GS, transferred quickly and easily to the iPad via a quick, painless sync through the camera connection kit then edited and published to youtube with the ipad with apps like ReelDirector.

    • arjun says:

      So your “dead simple” process is to shoot video on an iPhone 3GS, sync them to your mac, copy them to a SD card and then copy them to the iPad via the camera connection kit so you can post them to YouTube?

      Does not sound like a quick or easy solution for typical users.

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