First Apple iPhone 4 HD Video Camera Examples

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The iPhone 4 is out, it’s selling like hotcakes and, if you’re like me, you’re wondering how good the iPhone 4’s HD video capture is.  Is it going to be good enough to take the place of a dedicated camera for making videos for your video blog, video podcast or YouTube channel?

Fortunately, people are loading iPhone 4 HD video up to YouTube in droves, so there are now lots of examples available, shot under a variety of conditions.

Check out these iPhone 4 HD video examples and let me know what you think!

iPhone 4 Video Example – Exterior

This outdoor video highlights both how good and bad the iPhone 4 video quality can be. As the image moves from sun to shadow, the video is often over-exposed and blown out. This example also highlights how jerky iPhone 4 video can look, because of the device’s lack of mass.

iPhone 4 Video Sample – City View

This example showcases how sharp and crisp the video that the iPhone 4 captures can be. In places, the image quality is amazing.

Again, though, the jerkiness is barf-inducing.

iPhone 4 Video Example – Interior

This rather strange video shows the quality of interior iPhone 4 handheld video. It does a pretty good job with the color, but movement & lighting shifts result in a lot of blow outs.

iPhone 4 Dimly Lit Interior Video Example

Here’s some iPhone 4 video footage from a dimly lit bar. Expect the quality of bootleg concert footage to be taking a jump!

iPhone 4 Video Lit By Built-In Light

This is shot under the most difficult situation, a dimly list interior where the iPhone 4’s built-in light has to be used in order to capture video.

The image is grainy and harshly-lit, and the built-in light results in serious red-eye, but the video is still useful.

Night Video Footage

Here’s some nighttime footage captured on an iPhone 4. Serious dark & grainy barf-inducing Bourne-o-vision.

Based on these examples, the iPhone 4 should be able to produce some very usable HD video, if mounted on a tripod or other stabilizer and if  the video  is recorded under fairly static lighting.

Check out the video and let me know what you think of the iPhone 4’s video quality. And if you’ve uploaded your own footage, put a link in the comments!

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5 Responses to “First Apple iPhone 4 HD Video Camera Examples”

  1. 1st full production video shot on iphone 4 –

  2. arjun says:

    Thanks for finding all these examples. They look pretty good – but looks like its’ still easy to blow out the image.

    • Gui says:

      Thanks for the examples… very useful comments…

      For a while, I have a Canon HD camera… but converting the original camera format (MTS File) every time; using say Pinnacle Studio, just sucks… enough to leave videos in the camera and never watch them.
      In the other hand, using iPhone 3GS videos are easy/convenient, but the image is too bad, once you get used to HD…
      This new HD feature at iPhones4 seems promising… when watching the videos on full screen they look pretty decent.
      As you comment: “jerkiness is barf-inducing.”, specially in full screen… still I will probably get one 🙂

  3. Brian says:

    Lighting and motion seem good, however these videos do not give any idea of the quality of the encoding since YouTube has ruined whatever HD quality was in these videos…

  4. Avi Dawn says:

    Yea youtube has deffinetly not showing the HD quality that u can achieve with this camera, such a shame..

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