iPhone 4 Camera “As Good As They Get”

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Macworld’s Heather Kelly has done a side-by-side comparison of the camera and video camera quality of current generation smartsphones, and the new iPhone 4 came out on top.

Photo quality:

The iPhone 4 had, by a healthy margin, the best exposure and color scores of the entire bunch, beating out even the point-and-shoot cameras. It did run into trouble in the sharpness and distortion categories, performing much lower than the pocket cameras and similarly to the Droid.

Video quality:

t was the iPhone 4’s video capabilities that really stole the show in our lab tests. Of the eight devices we rated for video, only the Flip Video M2120 scored higher. The Flip, which also records 720p, 30fps video, had just slightly better video quality than the iPhone 4, even in low-light. The Flip did have far superior audio quality when compared with the iPhone 4, which had the same audio score as the Droid X.

The bottom line? The iPhone 4’s camera isn’t good as a dedicated camera of video camera. For a camera on a smartphone, though, it’s currently “as good as they get.”

The improvements in the iPhone 4’s image quality make it a much better solution for mobile blogging and vlogging than earlier iPhones and a strong competitor to other smartphones.

You can compare video examples from the iPhone 4, Droid X and other smartphones at aperobot’s channel on YouTube

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    Much awaited relief it works great thank you but now I have a dead ibook icon that wont go away but Im not complaining I will get rid of it eventually, now unlock 4.11.8 for my iphone 4 and that would make it complete thanks again!!!!!!!!!!

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