WordPress.com Adds Post By Voice Audio Podcasting

Jul 2nd, 2010 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcasting

WordPress.com has announced a new feature,  Post by Voice, that lets you audio blog by phone.

Here’s what WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg has to say about it:

You can now go to your My Blogs tab, enable Post by Voice, and get a special number and code to call your blog. After you’re done, the audio file from your phone call will be posted to your blog for all to listen to and enjoy. (And added to your RSS feed for podcast support.)

So now you can post to your WordPress via the web, email, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, desktop clients, and now any telephone in the world. Of course when you post it can be pushed to Facebook, Twitter, and more using the Publicize feature. What more could you want?

Right now this is completely free, but we’ll charge you money to take down posts. Just kidding!

We’re making it free and allowing recording lengths up to sixty minutes, but that limit may go down without a paid upgrade in the future. Mostly we’re just curious to see how people use this.

Phone audio blogging is not new, but WordPress.com’s move brings this to a huge audience.

Audio quality is poor – but there’s a place for quick and easy audio podcast updates.

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