iPhone 4 Tripod Mount, The OWLE Bubo, Has Funny Name, Cool Features

Oct 28th, 2010 | By | Category: Internet TV, Video

The OWLE Bubo is a camera mount for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 that adds stability, optics, microphones and a tripod mount.


  • Anodized aluminum case improves iPhone camera with upgraded lens and boom mic
  • Improves video or still shots
  • iPhone fits inside included silicone case, then mounts inside the aluminum housing for full protection
  • Constructed from a solid block of milled aluminum
  • Shoe mount on top allows you to add camera accessories (flash will not work, since there is no way to sync it to the iPhone camera shutter)
  • Four screw mounts on the corners of the case enable you to mount to a tripod
  • Comes standard with 37mm lens threading, as well as a 0.45x Wide angle/macro combination lens
  • Add any other lenses with a 37mm mount

The video above, by HandHeldHollywood, takes a look at the OWLE Bubo from the indie filmmaker perspective. The video was made before the iPhone 4 was released, but OWLE have updated the Bubo for be compatible.

The OWLE Bubo for iPhone 4 retails for $169.95. Details at the OWLE site.

If you’ve used the OWLE Bubo, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

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2 Responses to “iPhone 4 Tripod Mount, The OWLE Bubo, Has Funny Name, Cool Features”

  1. Jim says:

    I wish you had actually used the Bubo for the iPhone 4 for your article. I have had the new iPhone4 unit for about a month. Was to use it for a trip to Europe. But, the microphone was missing and the phone case for the iPhone4 that comes with the kit, does not hold the iPhone securely in the Owle body. Repeated attempts to reach ALMA, the organization that sells the Owle for the manufacturer and where I bought mine, have gone unanswered. I’ve used the contact email from the web site. Unhelpfully, there is no phone number. Filmtools, in Hollywood, seem to be a better organized site for purchasing the device, with useful videos and some sense that they are really in business. Wish I had purchased mine from them. Next comes contact with OWLE directly. Would be happy to leave a review once I actually can confidently use the system without the phone falling out of the holder. Paying roughly $40 premium to get the iPhone4 version and then having to purchase another mic and a different phone case, adding another fifty or sixty bucks to the bill does not warm my heart.

  2. ricland says:

    Amazing that you didn’t actually use the thing to demonstrate the microphone during an interview.

    How did you overlook that?

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