It’s Downhill For Old Media From Here – Internet Use Catches Up With TV

Dec 13th, 2010 | By | Category: General, Internet TV, Podcasting Statistics

It looks like it will be downhill for old media from here on out – people in the US are now spending as much time using the Internet as they do watching TV.

According to Forrester research, people are spending equal amounts of time online and watching TV:

  • Generation Y has long reported spending more time online;
  • Gen Xers now claim to spend more time online than watching TV;
  • Boomers now report spending an equal amount of time on both activities; and
  • Senior Boomers still report watching more television.

According to Forrester’s Jackie Rousseau-Anderson, people aren’t spending less time with TV – they’re spending less time with print media.

What’s not clear is how much “TV” that people watch is now Internet TV, from sources like YouTube or NetFlix.

With traditional radio and print in decline, it seems likely that traditional TV will follow, as NetFlix’ streaming video and similar services move beyond first adopters.

In related news, Nielsen has “decided to end its measurement of radio in the United States, as of the fall 2010 period.”

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  1. Robert says:

    I can’t help but wonder if the reach for satellite radio customers has been rising or declining. With the rise of Pandora and other web-based radio apps along with podcasts and other programming on-demand on the rise, it seems that a decline of sat. radio is almost inevitable.

  2. Downhill for old media from nice….

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